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Women do not look like anime. I would like to see a woman who looks this attractive who isn't a model or some conceited bitch
I hate 3D so much. 2D gives us the illusion that attractive women are somehow obtainable, and not ridiculously narcissistic bitches like they really are. They seem almost like men; agreeable, social and humorous. The only women who act like 2Ds are either ugly or stupid
You have to be careful with sweeping generalizations.

For example, saying "blacks are stupid" is correct, while saying "all blacks are stupid" is not.
Nigger detected.

If I were black (which I am not regardless) then I would be one that talked honestly of his own inferior race. Such a black would not be the stereotypical black and would be deserving of as much respect as any other anon. If you want I can post a timestamp of my white skin but that seems like a waste of time when whites on here are a colossal majority. It'd be like trying to prove I'm male.
Jesus christ, even /pol/ can make the distinction between blacks and basketball americans - you have no excuse.
>attractive women are somehow obtainable
but they are, you just have to get good
its more of a problem with watching shitty harem anime where the most popular girl and other girls lust after some losers dick. you self insert and think it can be possible, which it isnt. there are beautiful girls who are kind and good. they just go for people leagues better than you
All I want is myself, but as a woman with maroon hair, and with different but similar tastes in anime and vidya so that we weren't carbon copies of one another. GOAT companion.

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