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File: cover_summer_wars_jp.jpg (904.62 KB, 1888x1097)
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I dun goofed. I just wasted 2 hours of my life
nice shit taste OP
File: digimon_the_movie_xlg.jpg (381.98 KB, 1012x1500)
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381.98 KB JPG
Holy shit OP, are you me?
I just finished watching this movie with 3 roommates of mine and this shit was awful.
>watching a family movie with friends
Good lord that art is terrible.

But I enjoyed it. So what fine japanimation film do YOU like, OP, with your gooooooooood taste?
Not him, but I disliked Summer Wars, and liked every movie by Kon, Redline, and Miyazaki films. I can say this is probably the only shitty anime movie I've seen.
>watching Summer Wars unironically

Go ahead and watch French cartoons while you're at it
File: catspray.jpg (63.01 KB, 496x591)
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63.01 KB JPG
I agree, OP. At first I couldn't watch it for 12 minutes straight it was so unbearable. Then I finished it just to say I did and I feel so horrible for letting 2 hours of my life be burnt away for no reason like that.

What a pointless as shit movie, I have no idea why Madhouse would stoop so low to make it.
What the heck, I really like Summer War when I saw it like half a year ago. I thought it was charming. It was just a feel-good, cutesy movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Summer Wars is honestly one of my favorite anime movies, right up there with Sword of the Stranger. This movie made one of my best friends bawl like a bitch halfway through the thing.

OP has shit taste.
Are you sure you watched the right movie? How did he start crying? Did his dog die? Did you kick in the groin?
File: 1388005731926.jpg (29.29 KB, 450x351)
29.29 KB
29.29 KB JPG
Holy shit, I feel like I'm the only guy on this board who actually enjoyed this film, what the hell makes it so bad for you?
Summer Wars is extremely generic film with a Hollywood like plot. It was average. I didn't hate it or like it but I think it gets more love than it deserves.
It's an amazing movie, everyone I've ever shown it to has loved it, and it was even well received on Toonami. Some people just love to hate things, unfortunately!
>liked every movie by Kon, Redline, and Miyazaki films
>liked every Miyazaki film
Double standards or ruse.

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