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So I just started watching Hunter x Hunter 2011, and I already watched 21 episodes so far, and it is really awesome. What is your opinion on the series, and how great does it get? Or what arc was the best?
I've only seen the 1999 series but it is really awesome. The only arc I didn't like was the one with the mafia and the phantom troupe. It just didn't hold my interest like the Hunter exam or Heavens arena and dragged on for far too long. I would rather they skipped it and went straight to Greed Island.

Anyway I love it, it's like Dragon Ball (another one of my favourites) only with the World Martial Arts Tournaments stretched to the full series.
You are in for a ride son
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It gets better and better, OP.

Seriously. You've just sat through the "lowpoint" of the series, which still manages to be awesome.

Current arc the anime is on (Chimera Ant) at first seems pretty silly, but by the end, asserts itself as one of the best shounen arcs of all time.

Enjoy the ride, and leave before you get spoiled.
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It's actually the only Anime I watch.
Very happy with it, great adaption of my favorite manga.
I loved the Phantom Troupe saga on the new manga. The 1999 version was a pain in the ass because hue hue Manga problems.
I meant to say Anime*, sorry.
Definitely my favorite anime by far, one of the best and most complex fighting systems. My favorite arc would probably be heavens arena ( which will come soon for you ) or Chimera ant arc, you're in for a lot of awesome stuff.
Heavens Arena.. Why would they fight for Honor instead of money? I just don't get it.
Cause at that level you're already set for life, and there's no reason to fight anymore save for honor and glory
What I don't get is how come the 1999 series didn't continue after that? I know they did Greed Island as a series of OVAs but why did they stop? Was it because the manga was on hiatus?
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it's pretty good,get hype
killua a cute.
It's overrated.

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