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If there was ever any doubt left that Lindafags are absolute cancer this episode vanquished it.

First Ghost Banri aka "Lindafag Prime" fucks up their whole day by making every thing that can go wrong go wrong
Then Mitsuo aka "Lindafag mk II" acts like some bitter snobby brat to the arguably best girl Oka (Koko is fine too, friends at the top)
Thankfully our lord and savior TADA BANRI saves the mood and the day, but NTR master Ghost faggot then goes and almost gets them all killed
Why don't they just call the ghostbusters?
Not even they could handle it
This guy's like final boss level
Gotta give it to Toradora's author to create that drama.
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I also can't believe that because of the ghost, TADA BANRI lost his chance to bone a really horny Koko.
Wait, how horny are we talking here? Should I start watching this again? Even though I'm a Linda supporter I support horny people even more.
Ghost Banri should not even fucking exist! Who has ever heard of memories that are lost in the brain becoming sentient and reforming into a spectral entity??? A MALICIOUS spectral entity at that!

Using the term "ghost" is misleading because ghosts are nothing like that, I don't even know what to call this. Memory spectral ghoul or something, fucks sake this is some retarded fiction.
Will never be animated. Last LN released has Koko breaking up with him. But we all know they will make up in the next (and ending) volume. They almost had sex but you know, things got screwed up.
Hey, I was expecting to go into this series and not root for the "main" girl since I actually went through Toradora hating Taiga just a tiny bit less than I hate Louise.
Last LN is coming out close to the anime's ending, maybe we'll get lucky.
The idea behind the ghost is probably that the old Banri is dead, and this is a new, completely different one, no memory related shit, just dead.
I hope the LN is released in the states
Fuck this nigga ghost banri for real. Hes such a fucking faggot it makes me so irrationally mad.
OVAs most likely. Hopefully. Please.
I hope this faggot ghost burns in the depths of hell as he watches Koko win Banri.
File: KokoOMG.jpg (58.32 KB, 1600x900)
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Darn Fagghost!

Then when things got truly dangerous he started crying around screaming "It wasn't my fault! It wasn't my fault!" like a fucking crybaby. Even with his newfound ghost powers he's still the same pansy who cries over not getting his name written on a fucking shirt.

Well tthey've said the last LN is going to release the same time as the last episode of the anime.

It'll be fully animated, they're already at volume 5ish no?
File: 1390414538634.gif (768.35 KB, 500x340)
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>Western market
I could be wrong, but wasn't Toradora! LNs also close-cut with the ending of the anime?

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