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Let's start a soulcrushing theory thread, along the lines of the Yuyushiki puppets.

Kazuho (Nee-Nee) is actually Renge's mother. When Renge eventually learns the discomforting truth, she will eventually become a serial killer like Ted Bundy (who was raised the exact same way, BTW).
Great thread.
Any theory from any show is welcome.
Variations on this have come up, but...

Remember how Madoka supposedly first contracted to save a cat?

IRL she got hit by a car saving that cat, right in front of Homura. Homura tried to call Madoka back, but to no avail. This is why Kyubey looks like a cat.

Homura is currently undergoing treatment for severe PTSD and schizophrenia.
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>Kazuho (Nee-Nee) is actually Renge's mother.
I'm okay with this.
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Now and Then, Here and There is the delusions of a Congolese rape slave, hoping that the world would wake up the horrors of the Congolese civil war. She was impregnated, but because of her fundamentalist society, she's afraid to get it, and worries that she might be made an outcast among her people.

The fact that Sara was a blonde American is symptomatic of her resentment of American apathy toward the crisis.
>get it

An abortion.
Well that's retarded. There's 0 fucking basis for that, and if there were, theres 0 fucking basis she would become a serial killer besides the fact that she's autistic
the girls get cancer because Fukushima.
Does NNB take place in Tohoku?
Ash Ketchup is kill :o
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One of the Wake Up Girls becomes the witch Elly. (Her wish was to become an idol.)
Azumanga Daioh is a homage to the shinjuu (lovers' suicide) Kabuki plays of Chikamatsu Monzaemon. Each one contains a michiyuki, which is a journey that the doomed lovers take to their intended place of death, during which they recount happier times in the past. Azumanga is basically Sakaki and Chiyo-chan's michiyuki. The ED says it all, as they prepare to die they affirm they will be reunited forever in the Pure Land:

>Raspberry Heaven!
>We'll meet again in the gentle dreams of Heaven
>Raspberry Heaven, I'm coming back to you
>When the flowers of Heaven have bloomed
>You and me
>Together we'll be
My Neighbor Totoro is based on a famous murder case called “The Sayama Incident.” This case occurred on May 1, 1963 in Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, when a man kidnapped, raped, and killed a 16-year-old high school girl. The girl's sister killed herself afterwards, saying before she died that she could see big raccoon and cat-like ghosts. So, Mei was murdered and Satsuki kills herself, metaphorically going on a journey to death in the catbus (showing "Grave Road" as its destination). At the end, neither of the children have shadows, again showing that they are now ghosts.
People who like erotic NNB doujin is not a real fan but rather a shitposter from /v/, irc, tumblr or reddit.
K-On is set in the same world as Soro no Woto. The Keions live in the last original city of mankind. The adults know the city is doomed and can't last much longer, but this secret is kept from the last generation of children so they can at least have some happiness before they die. To avoid the children having to suffer, one small group at a time, they are told they are going on a trip abroad, and board a plane. Once the doors are closed, gas canisters are opened and the passengers die, not painfully, but in a state of euphoria where some of them even imagine that they are actually at their destination and enjoying their trip.

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