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Near Daily Fate thread

The announcement is less than two weeks away at this point.
Caster is best Fate waifu. Prove me wrong.
File: 1359711347417.gif (374.43 KB, 118x184)
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I can't, anon.

Too bad CCC will never be translated.
Isn't there a manga getting made based off the Caster rout of Fate/ EXTRA?
File: 05.jpg (804.97 KB, 840x1220)
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No, it's an original story route based off CCC

King Protea shows up early on
File: 1370044421239.jpg (40.41 KB, 258x377)
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I will get my announcement
No matter what
Still its a manga with Caster as the main servant. Thats a win considering how much of a boner Japan has for Saber.

Save on Day 5 of the Week where you fight Beserker, the day where you have to outhunt it, seriously unfun and I've not played it in weeks.
If you aren't bothered enough to learn japanese, don't complain about no translation.

Even if you tried, there's no guarantee you can learn Japanese...
I'd argue that, but Caster is still a good choice regardless.
I wish there was a fully translated Apocrypha so that I could see how nice Joan of Arc is.
Anyone got a link to the manga?
File: 19.jpg (589.43 KB, 840x1220)
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The translation leaves a little to be desires, but it's still nice to have
The parts that did get translate generally showed her as a serious and responsible young lady.
That can't do math and is absolutely terrified of flying.
File: 20.jpg (812.03 KB, 840x1220)
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File: 22.jpg (732.59 KB, 840x1220)
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Anderson seems to have been taken out early on

The source of the problem this time, might just be that mysterious servant/human BB seems to have teamed up with.
File: Jeanne's jeannes.jpg (224.30 KB, 600x450)
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Also, that her breasts are filled with HOPE and FAITH.
Lets not forget about our dear lady red.
They seem close.
Really close.
You think they transferred mana yet?
God knows i would've the first chance I got. Its a shame the LN's haven't been translated yet. I'm looking forward to reading them.
They were, but the translator stopped sadly.
Which is a shame, because he/she chose the worst time, because it just getting into Siegfried's and Karna's fight
Do you have a link to whats been done? And I'm guessing thats in the first LN. there are two out right now i think.

There's actually three out now, the fourth will be the last one.
And like everything in the Fate universe the ending is going to be a kick in the nuts. Why do we put up with this?
File: 1388501269543.jpg (2.70 MB, 1846x1361)
2.70 MB
2.70 MB JPG
Because the ride's typically fun as hell?
And for stuff like this.
Oh yeah, that's right.
File: Castertails.jpg (528.32 KB, 1561x642)
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If one is perfect...9 must be a living hell. All those hand made lunches and dinners. And all that sex...i'm sad now. and hungry.
How do I get a secondary to read FSN? While I doubt he'll be disappointed by ufotable, I think it's better to read it in the order God intended: Fate, UBW, and Heaven's Feel.

>he was introduced by FZ
>going into a possible HF adaptation w/o reading Fate or UBW
File: dealing with it2.gif (990.92 KB, 320x240)
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So if almost all Servants desire to live again in the modern world with the use of the grail, is there a chance that there is a hero of the 1st - 3rd holy grail war still walking around?

Corruption or otherwise
Only one personality represents the desire to love and serve, while it's noted some of her other sides aren't quite as nice. Caster who represents the desire to serve is very against sharing her man, but who knows if this counts so much.

The other personalities seemed to be willing to save you at the end when they all lent their power so they'll probably be hospitable enough. Just looking at them you can get a feel for them; there's huffy, sleepy, awkward, crazy, Oujo-sama, and extra lewd.
File: death by snu snu.jpg (199.97 KB, 1181x648)
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dude think of all the fluffy tail
Corruption is only 3rd war and onward, and no since no grail war has ever finished before.

All grail wars were a failure, which is kind of one of the big points of the end of HF. So no one could ever make a wish before to become human.

At most a servant could maybe stick around by eating people, or maybe there's the Rin method to keep Saber around.
I'd rather a taiga or llya.
Seiba want snu-snu
What happened 1 through 3?

I know the Illysviel family got screwed over each time, but I dont remember hearing that it failed COMPLETELY.
The MC looks so scared.
First war - Not enough servants summoned to fill the grail since it was only the three families

2nd war - Families invite some idiots with the intent to backstab them, shit goes awry somehow and the timer runs out.

3rd war - Too much fighting and WWII, grail container broke so they switched over to Homunculus next time.
File: 045.jpg (1.79 MB, 1600x1952)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
FeMC makes a nice face there as well
File: 1375163528781.jpg (87.95 KB, 480x272)
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87.95 KB JPG
Wow, nine tailed Caster is huge. Kinda reminds me of the sun goddess from Dark Souls.
>Kinda reminds me of the sun goddess from Dark Souls.

It's a deliberate reference. Nasu loves the fuck out of Dark Souls.
File: Jeanne.jpg (117.63 KB, 739x737)
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117.63 KB JPG
So according to interviews, Jeanne's is visually based on a French girl Takashi met during his university days.
You think the actual girl was that stacked or was it something Takashi added for the character?

2 was a little more complex. According to Nasu, at this time "the stakes were highest" (Fate/complete material III) and it was "a slaughter with no survivors" (Fate/Zero Einzbern Consultation Room special). The chaos raised was enough to attract the attention of the church, resulting in the mediator installed for third war and onwards.
That kinda shit is awesome.
File: C14.jpg (252.17 KB, 800x600)
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252.17 KB JPG
That's going to be a bitch to clean out of the sheets and clothes.
help me
Ilya, not even a question

You'll understand in the end
ahhhhhh shiiiiieeeet

man fuck Tohsaka, having the nerve to call me her servant and shit
File: 1306688204284.jpg (2.63 KB, 116x126)
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>work forever to get friend into Fate
>he finally tells me that he's starting
>by watching Zero
>on Dailymotion
what did you expect? that your enthusiasm would transfer over to him and he'd read 50-100 hours of text + music/voices

step up, brah
He could at least download it (like I've showed him how to a dozen times) and watched it subbed if he was going to start with Zero.
your friend sounds like a pleb. I'd give up on him if I were you

>yfw he skips some episodes in F/Z because they were "too boring, nobody died in those episodes" and calls it skimming
>yfw he then has the nerve to say the story made no sense
>having 3dpd friends
Did this actually happen?

I don't know why you guys try and get your friends into anime, I mean if you know them well enough you should be able to tell if they're absolute plebians or not.
File: 1330661913852.jpg (35.83 KB, 374x396)
35.83 KB
35.83 KB JPG
>tfw your friend watches anime
>has shit taste
File: 036.png (570.03 KB, 1098x1600)
570.03 KB
570.03 KB PNG
It's actually not unprecedented since I managed to get the guy to read the MuvLuv trilogy last year.
>Did this actually happen?
yes, except with FMA:B instead of F/Z
never spoke to him about anime again, we're better friends for it
I got my best friend into anime by watching the whole of Evangelion with him over a weekend, including EoE and the 3 rebuild movies. I think i just about broke his spirit.
But Evangelion is more or less one of the easier series to get into. It's literally the first on every rec list, only the most hardcore of normal guys can not get into it.

It'd be impressive if you said something like Yuru Yuri or the entirety of Macross up to Frontier or some shit.

tl;dr Evangelion is small time.

Who would you chose for FeMC VA?
MC already have Touma(Index) as his VA
File: 1386836297815.png (204.02 KB, 800x670)
204.02 KB
204.02 KB PNG
>tfw no friends
>tfw don't give a shit
>tfw people on /a/ who have friends are cockgobbling cunts
Man, it sure feels good not being a normalshit.
The list of anime I showed him was Evangelion, Haruhi (in chronical order including the movie), Martian Successor Nadesico, Fate/ Night UBW and Zero, and finally Lodoss War, the first season. It was a fun week.
>UBW movie

You're an incredibly cruel person you know that?

He'd better at least be reading the VN and be able to know that the 2/3 of the current Fate adaptations are shit.

I'd be impressed if you showed him something like Di Gi Charat or Slayers.

Or this
This shit is an actual accomplishment.
If you think thats bad, I then showed him RWBY AtLA and then Korra. Finally I introduced him to the joy that is Team Four Star. I'm thinking next to show him either Bakemongatari or my fav gundam show 8th MS Team.
>getting someone into anime
I'm not sure I comprehend the logic behind it. What are you, a normalfag? Get the fuck out.

Are you trying to show him why these shows are bad or something, or is he going to be one of those I like "Western" anime faggots.

Also Dragonball Abridged is horribly unfunny. You're starting to sound like a giant faggot here anon.
I let him pick 3 shows at random from my DVD's / Blu-Rays and he picked those. Not my fault he didn't stay true. And i'll disagree with you on DBZA. I love the shit out of that. But only because I love the shit out of DBZ.
Dragon Ball Z is pretty shit, but then again my child anime of choice was Card Captor Sakura.

At least Kai is decentish.
Also why the fuck do you have RWBY and Korra on Blu-Ray?
I enjoy shit like directors comm and such.
And I like the shows. They're fun.
File: FatexLodoss.jpg~original.jpg (327.12 KB, 1920x1080)
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Here, have the best thing ever.

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