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So did they find a back-up translator or not?
>Using Crunchyroll

Kill yourself.
You are trying to fit in, and I can appreciate that, but don't be retarded stupid fuck.
>yfw it turns out Underwater has also been ripping CR but changing a few words like "Devas" and "Godrobes"
CR subs will be out in 3 hours anyways.
It's not like this should be a secret or anything - we've been using the simulcast subs as a base since beginning, but we do translation checking and editing on top of that. Last time there was a delay (with ep12) the translation checker simply translated the episode from scratch instead, but this week happened to be the one time he was away for the day so he couldn't do that.
what a cop out why bother fansubbing if you are just using CR.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there supposed to be a RITUAL to summon Daiz first?
He speaks.
More than 3 words of fansub had been posted here
What about wizard barristers, are you still planning to pick that up?
This. Traditions are traditions.
File: 1390438919624.gif (381.14 KB, 480x620)
381.14 KB
381.14 KB GIF
Watch out for Daiz!
The fansubbing community's Public Enemy #1
He is mainly responsible for...

☑ Crunchyroll
☑ MX Media dropping honorifics
☑ HorribleSubs
☑ Leaking OreImo from ANN
☑ Making ElitistFags quit
☑ Killing fansubbing in 2010
☑ Killing fansubbing in 2011
☑ Killing fansubbing in 2012
☑ Killing fansubbing in 2013
☑ Hostile takeover of Commie
☑ The development of the .H264 Hi10p profile
☑ Attempted assassination of Coalgirls
☑ Successful assassination of ZeroYuki, NemDiggers, Grumpy Jii-san, Sakura!fish and Ken-sama
☑ Successful assassination of the authors of 'Kaze no Stigma' and 'MM!'
☑ Attempted assassination of Daiz
☑ Shutting down the NyaaTorrents tracker
☑ Making the ugly ass icons on NT, making it unusable
☑ Trying to change standard release naming scheme
☑ Uploading of images to 4chan being broken
☑ Breaking 4chan quote function.
☑ Shrinking 4chan's comment field to hide his sins
☑ Killing 4chan Sounds Threads
☑ Creating the /q/ board
☑ Flooding Thailand to increase HDD prices and promote Hi10p
☑ Shutting down lolipower.org
☑ Shutting down megaupload.com
☑ Soiling Game of Thrones with unwatchable Hi10p
☑ Removing loli from TVTropes
☑ Forcing Subdesu-H to hardsub and watermark hentai.
☑ Forcing mangatraders to put a cap limit per day
☑ Ruining a Q&A session with Hadena's Head of Public Relations
☑ Rotating several virgins' velocidensity and not taking responsibility
☑ Successful assassination of Steve Jobs because Mac computers could not play 10-bit
☑ Flooding Thailand to increase HDD prices and promote 10-bit video
☑ Orchestrating the large-scale banning of piratebay.se throught the UK and most of the European Union
☑ Successful assassination of the author of Zero no Tsukaima
☑ The development of the future .H265 Hi10p profile
☑ Preventing KyoAni from adapting the continuation of FMP
☑ Successful assassination of the director of Lain and Kino's Journey
☑ Introducing Kentaro Miura to iDOLM@STER, and constantly distracting Yoshihiro Togashi
☑ Humiliating Mitsuhiro Ichiki
☑ Telling Matsuda not to following Light's instructions not only in the Beijing Olympics but also London.
☑ Monopolizing Norio Wakamoto's signatures at Desucon Finland
☑ Suggesting Rotoscoping for Aku no Hana
☑ Eoten
☑ Convincing Anno to drop 2.0 subplots in favor of action to show off 10bit compression
☑ Sabotaging official encoders' efforts in order to make hobbyists look good
☑ Extreme homophobia
☑ Uploading of images to 4chan being broken
☑ Delaying and mixing up several free Stella Artois chalices
☑ Localizing xenophobe
☑ Successful assassination of NemDiggers.
☑ Delayed IM@S episode for the sake of playing Skyrim
☑ Posting his dick on Kitamura Eri's Twitter account
☑ Attempted assasination of SilverLink
☑ Managing the "If you had a girlfriend, you wouldn't have a waifu" bot
☑ Starting the Chuunibyou Wars (8th Grader Syndrome Wars)
☑ Bullying Rori's leader
☑ Causing shitstorms on /a/ by delaying Nekomonogatari subs release
☑ Succesfully delaying Kizumonogatari to 2067
☑ Shrinking 4chan's comment field to hide his sins
☑ Shitposting on /a/ during winter break
☑ Putting JC Staff in charge of Little Busters! adaptation
☑ Monopolizing Norio Wakamoto's signatures on desucon
☑ Delay of Sailor Moon reboot
☑ Suggesting rotoscoping for Aku no Hana
☑ Forcing KyoAni into Free! production
☑ Causing 'Connection Errors'
☑ Defiling Patchy
☑ Manipulating the download speed of Evangelion 3.33
☑ Bullying active and altruistic encoders on nyaa.eu
☑ Killing nyaa.eu on the day with most releases to make /a/ suffer
☑ Scamming people to fund his summer vacation
☑ Stickying Naruto
☑ changing nyaa to .se
☑ Bold text

His ultimate goal is to kill anime.
However, you can stop him. Spread this list!
>no ☑ Selling Crunchyroll to the Jews
I see some duplicates.

Is his evil so great he REPEATS his sins!?
He kills anime each year in every timeline.
File: STRAYA.png (5.14 KB, 314x191)
5.14 KB
5.14 KB PNG
Daiz where THE FUCK is my h265?

And why are you up at 5 am, you lazy NEET
aka Madman fucked up 8 too many times and got fucked.
>That Outbreak Company batch
The future is so bright I have to look at it with sunglasses.

I really hope you don't fuck up with the filesizes this time again, Daiz.
>The future is so bright I have to look at it with sunglasses.

Spoilers: That batch looks like shit and the fact that it's a bunch of re-encodes doesn't help. x265 at the moment produces worse results than 10-bit x264.
Sure thing buddy
Yeah, I just noticed, the edges are all messed up.
Still impressive, though.
Can't wait for the good encoders to start appearing, If I remember correctly they should be coming in a year or two, right?
File: rfhj.png (9.18 KB, 857x186)
9.18 KB
9.18 KB PNG
>Believing in some random people on the internet
>8/10 - it's okay
>tfw having to buy a new pc in a few years
H265 is suffering
People also leave comments on YIFY encodes with "A:10 V:10".
Wait, so there's spanish subs already right? Why cant someone just translate those into english?
By the time HEVC becomes good enough for actual use there will be hardware decoders for it, just get a new graphics card when that happens.
>dodged the subject
Just get HS or Watashi-Koi.
oi, daiz, got an ETA on nagi?
oh I wasn't even expecting a response from that I just thought it was amusing
>☑ Shutting down the NyaaTorrents tracker
1 hour lads
any minute now!!
File: 1390506203801.png (732.23 KB, 893x505)
732.23 KB
732.23 KB PNG
Refreshing like a motherfucker
>not having RSS feeds set up
You are obligated to buy a new PC by 2015 when DDR4 becomes mainstream as well as 4K Monitors.

Also, our hard drives will likely be filled with Helium by then.
>Not vacuumed for nofriction
I don't think 4K monitors and Helium HDs are as close as 2015.
It's just an year from now, there's no way all this will happen.
File: railgun.gif (42.28 KB, 400x458)
42.28 KB
42.28 KB GIF
>4K Monitor
>Trusting Helium HDD
>implying 4k won't have burn-in

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