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So what studio would be the best for this?
Realistically it's not getting some premier studio, so let's be realistic.
Satelight maybe, they did a fantastic job with White Album 2 as far as VN to anime transitions go. They're doing Log Horizon too I think.
What's the demand for GnK in Nipland? How much budget do you think it will warrant?
Isn't the studio already decided?
I wonder who's going to be voicing juicy Yuuji.
Not that I've seen.
Some hopefuls think SHAFT will do it because it's the same character designer as Monogatari or something.
I don't see any way SHAFT would adapt it, being a VN and all.
What is ef?
Will the anime feature Yuuji's American buddies?
Eku no Fico
Are you perchance retarded?

He doesn't have any voiced lines in the VN right? If not for some reason I feel like Lelouch's voice would work pretty well.
Don't fucking hype this shit, the whole thing is going to be ruined completely by a shitty adaptation. It will just be a generic harem, just look at Majikoi adaptation, it's just a steaming pile of shit. Enjoy the VNs until the anime airs and all the normalfags and animeonly fags turn the fanbase into abysmal shitfest.
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I hope this gets 24 episodes at least, since there's no way they can actually adapt any of the routes.
Satelight sounds good.
I'm less concerned about animation and more concerned about adaptation.
Michiru was my favorite, but they'd be better served adapting Amane or Sakaki's routes. If they could touch on all the routes, it would be the best, but there's a good change they half-ass it and the story becomes a mess.
It's probably going to follow the "main" story of the sequels.
A perfect adaptation would be:

>2 cour
>Censored for BDs sex scenes

What will probably be is:

>Silver Link/ Brains Base/ David Production
>1 cour
>Rape of source material
>No sex scenes/ Just nipples on BDs
Feel. They did a pretty good job on yosuga no sora.
Silver Link could be good though.
but of course!
>THAT CG of Juicy Yuuji in Yumiko's route animated by Shaft
For some reason just thinking about it is really funny
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Y'know, how faithfully-translated was this game? Because it just WREAKS of 4chan-edge.

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