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I've just started this manga "I Am a Hero". Finished the first chapter and i'm intrigued. I've heard a lot of praise for it from around the net but would like to get /a/'s opinion. I enjoyed the manga Highschool of the Dead but it had too much fan service. General opinions on I Am A Hero?
It's a damn good zombie manga, go read it.
The quality is all over the place. Some arcs are really good, some are pretty bad. I think it's worth reading overall.
Without spoiling it, what kind of topics/themes does this manga cover, other than the blatant "zombie survival" theme?
It's a good manga to bridge the massive hole left by Berserk chapter 333 and many other manga
I love it, but once you hit current chapter... enjoy waiting months for the volume releases.
finding yourself in a world of shit, becoming a man, redemption, suffering (extreme suffering, almost Berserk-tier), love, death/loss. its a great read OP, i fucking loved it.
Eh it's really hard to explain. Just know that it's pretty damn realistic(except for the zombies. What's with they running and jumping around), the art is amazing and the characters are well-written.

It's nothing like HotD.
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>extreme suffering, almost Berserk-tier
Haha, Nice try /a/non, but nothing comes close to that...
Furude Rika
Group dynamics of being forced together with people you may not like or agree with at all
Firearms being very controlled in Japan... the effect a weapon has on the power structure of groups
Lots of commentary (not always through direct dialogue) on the bystander phenomenon Japan is known for
The NATIONAL TREASURE that is MC's dancing.
Probably more but I am on a cellphone, fuck typing more, sorry~
gay as fuck, faggot. get that boring loli higurashi shit out of here.
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>trying to shit up an I am a Hero thread
I feel bad for MC, and specially for anyone who is around him. I believe he's cursed.
Good zombie manga, better "lovable loser" manga.

The later volumes where the focus shifts to the 2channers are awful but they come to a pretty spectacular close and thankfully it seems like the manga is shifting its focus back to Hideo after that.

How far are you?

I think Im at the latest raws and the focus is all on hideo and his group and a bit on the special
>I think Im at the latest raws and the focus is all on hideo and his group and a bit on the special
thank fucking god
When did the raws release? and are scanlators quick with I am a Hero?

I think the latest raws came out about a week ago. Translations are about 25 chapters behind so not too bad I guess
>Finished the first chapter
>Can't even form his own opinion without getting hiveminding thoughts from /a/

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