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What manga are you currently reading, /a/?

I've recently started Ashita no Joe and I like it a lot. Joe is one cheeky brat who's not afraid of running his mouth, but he's also more than this facade and you can relate to him easily.
Even if the art feels outdated at times, the boxing parts are surprisingly exciting.
Shigurui. 7 chapters left, will report back when i finish
I don't like people saying it feels outdated in a bad way. Maybe that's not what you meant. But yes, you can see it comes from the past because of the style, but despites that, it's way better than most recent manga in terms of drawings and page layouts.
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I just read Zero by Matsumoto Taiyou. The art is a little weird but the story was quite impactful.

Maybe I'll read Ashita no Joe now, I feel like reading another boxing manga.

The ending is kind of anticlimatic, but I think it's appropriate. I'd like to hear how you interpreted it.
I don't necessarily mean it in a bad way; it has a certain charm to it. The fights feel more "raw" in a sense, for a lack of a better description. Joe's uniqueness as a boxer also makes him quite the interesting fighter.
Just finished Rose of Versailles

When Utena said that she wanted to be a prince she was probably having Oscar in mind.

I'd like to think she reincarnated as a man in the future and with her charisma, skill, and innate ability to determine who is going to be important he takes over the galactic Reich and brings about the Lohengramm dynasty
I just read It's A Wonderful World by Inio. Pretty great collection of short stories.
Does anyone know when he started using filtered photographs as backgrounds? Because everything looked hand drawn in this. I liked it better.
File: Ageha_c010_31-32.png (224.24 KB, 1674x1200)
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Just finished Those who chase the Ageha, someone dumped the first chapter a while back and I finally got around to reading it.

It was fun although the ending was pretty predictable.
Was just catching up on Ubel Blatt. I don't even know why I'm still reading it, it was never all that great. There was also a new chapter of Emanon surprisingly.

Going to read Spirit of Wonder and then maybe Mother Sarah.
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Just read the new chapter of Wandering Emanon. I'm hyped as shit that there are more chapters. I absolutely adore Tsuruta Kenji's art.
I really wish the short stories would get translated as well.
Someone dumped Nippon Furusato Chinbotsu untranslated recently. Had cover art by him. It would be cool if people did more anthologies. I really liked Comic Hoshi Shinichi, but only two of the four volumes have been translated. I guess I should be lucky for those two anyways.
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The only thing that keeps me reading it is the artwork.
Other than that the manga doesn't really have anything going for it, I was more interested when it was just a revenge story but now the story has turned into a giant clusterfuck.
I love anthologies as well. I read Japan as Viewed by 17 Creators recently, and it was great.
It had both French and Japanese authors. Some really awesome ones as well (Jiro Taniguchi, Daisuke Igarashi, and Matsumoto Taiyou were in it).
The only thing it ever had going for it was the revenge plot and his backstory. But it's neglected off to the wayside and indeed, all this clusterfuck happened. The tits and gore are really just stupid. I hear the dude's less serious works are far better. When NnT came around, I thought, well hey, this is Ubel Blatt but you know, done right and not the kind of grimderp fantasy it managed to be.

I didn't really like Japan as Viewed by 17 Creators. They're good authors, but it really lacked cohesiveness and the French works came off as pretty offensive. Korea as Viewed by 12 Creators is actually pretty awesome. Actual manhwa with some semblance of talent, not the kind of lacking webtoon stuff most people see.
You only want to know so you can spoil me don't you.
I didn't really like the French works that much either. I liked two or three of them. I enjoyed most of the Japanese ones though.
I wasn't really bothered by the lack of cohesion in the stories. I was judging them individually.

I need to pick up the Korean one eventually too. I've been putting it off because I don't really know too many Korean authors so I couldn't tell if it was worth it or not.
koe no katachi has been my most recent addition. has made me rethink my stance on some of my interactions in the past.
But that's what makes or breaks it. As an anthology that is. I enjoyed it anyways. I really liked some of the French works. Just looking at some of the different art is pretty cool.

I actually downloaded Beijing Chronicles a little while back. The variance in style was rather impressive, despite being pretty boring and rather propaganda-ish.
I'm reading Ashita no Joe as well, currently starting volume 7. It's getting really interesting and I don't mind Joe being a cocky brat since it's clear the story is about his growth.
Since there's no scans after volume 13 I was thinking of buying the Italian releases, I'd like to help out in some ways concerning the translation but I think it would end up a clusterfuck.

Also you faggots should read the fuck out of Ran and the Gray World, it's amazing.
I don't really feel the incentive to start reading Ashita no Joe anytime soon. I'll wait till it's done being translated. Same goes for basically everything HappyScans is doing. Sangokushi would be another one.
I'll check out NnT since I like everything else you mentioned.

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