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Holyshit her voice is fucking annoying and I find her repulsive. To make things worse she has the most screen time and is somewhat carrying the show.

I just cant do it.
Holyshit her voice is fucking cute and I find her adorable. Even better she has the most screen time and is somewhat carrying the show.

I can do this.
File: 1374102133662.gif (108.66 KB, 522x398)
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I think it's a bit on the tryhard side but it's fine. I hope she gets more roles.
Then don't do it.

You wont be missed.
File: PantyAtCompy.png (49.82 KB, 246x246)
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Great thread OP.
Yeah she's the MC. Just bail
>hating the only good thing on the show

Just drop it, faggot.
File: 1390177147990.png (331.99 KB, 560x600)
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331.99 KB PNG
I totally agree with you OP! I am serious.

I was looking forward to a nice romance, and instead I get annoying-voice loli and crazy pedo woman.
Just goes to show how the nips use fanaticism and formality to run all the fuck away from their actual feelings.

And that ending...who the fuck would think that, "I suffered a concussion and retrograde amnesia, I'm a piece of shit!"
Fucking ridiculous.

This show just proves that the nips are allergic to feelings, that this could count as a romance, when the romance is totally buried under bullshit.

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