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File: bleach-ch388-01.png (2.32 MB, 1023x1500)
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>descendant of two gods of feudalism and fucking up shit
>fated to be a warrior and a ruler
>expected to be locked away far from where he can affect the mortal realm
>fated to watch everyone he cares for die with the passage of time
Kubo is setting him up as the big bad of his next work, isn't he?
The Gary Stu of all Gary Stu's
A Gary Stu would be an infallible character, one who is always right and has no flaws.
This dude is the next demon lord.
I would love for Ichigo to turn into an evil bastard at the end but it won't happen. We'll get a generic happy end
File: 1305840572193.png (137.59 KB, 400x600)
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137.59 KB PNG
Did someone said Ichiruki?
Kubo said there would be a twist at the end.
Expect something heart rending like Yhwach absorbing everyone, leaving Ichigo no one to protect, RG locking him up and alienating him from all the characters who would come later.
Wouldn't put it past Kubo...

New MC would need the power of fashion to defeat him.
Crazy theory time?
Crazy theory time.

Yhwach is emotionally unstable as hell, the Balancer exists to allow him to switch back and forth between 'work mode' and 'family mode'.
Royd Yhwach was borderline bipolar and started crying the moment Yama brought out all his dead children with ZnK.

Zangetsu's instincts aren't geared towards killing, eating, or fear. They're geared towards ruling and his intentions have been transparent from the start, we were just too hung up on the fact that he's a hollow and not the fact that he has never eaten anyone and his only wish was to make the entity Ichigo stronger and more assertive.
Source? This might actually get me excited about bleach again.
If kubo made him into a character like Griffith it would be bad ass. He has to destroy hueco mundo and seireitei to save earth. Or he becomes a vicious dictator controlling both worlds Like superman in injustice.

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