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File: DigimonTamers.jpg (1.55 MB, 2000x1955)
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Objective God Tier:

Demigod of Nostalgia Tier:

Average Tier:
Xros Wars

Powerranger Tier:

Shit Tier:
Adventure 02
Xros Boy Hunter
File: OHGODGIVEMETHESTRENGTH.jpg (102.55 KB, 1024x362)
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>yfw Tai is kill
I can agree with that OP.
Frontier was such shit that I haven't pick up the serie since.

>Humans being digimon
Xros Wars is decent to okay
>average tier
>implying anything but Adventure and Tamers matter at all
Objectively, Savers was better than Adventure.
Masaru, Yoshino and Thomas have no fucking character development.

Thomas only gets over his loner phase and Masaru stops being a dick to Thomas.
Thats it.

Yoshino is fucking Davis Tier
Masaru is still my favorite Digimon MC.
I sometimes forget the PUNCHING MEGAS xDD boner /a/ and /m/ at least used to have for him because he's otherwise such a likable husbando-tier character. Too bad he's the only human in it that matters shit.

But he got the blond qt in the end.
File: Odaiba Memorial.jpg (833.84 KB, 1000x1000)
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833.84 KB JPG

Adventure is my favorite, I liked Tamers and then I watched the sub and the soundtrack was mostly slow sax and got bored. Then I got happy again when they went to the digital world!

For me it's:

Adventure> Savers> Tamers> Pretty much everything else. I guess I like 02 more than Frontier and Xros Wars. At least it followed the rules of evolution...

By the way, how many of you faggots have actually watched the original Japanese dub? It's quite a bit better than the English, most people I know haven't because they watched the series when they were kids and don't really wanna rewatch the whole thing.
Masaru was the most alpha MC so I can't help but like him. My main complaint about Savers is that I thought it was going to be about Masaru starting a delinquent digimon gang and that didn't really happen.

I liked Savers more after Masaru stopped being the entire focus of the show. The first half was just him punching Digimon over and over... Then the plot started and all was better!
This guy is me.

I also liked Adventure the best and watched it subbed after seeing something like 12 episodes of it as a kid. The large cast allows it to have virtually no filler.

Why do people make these Digimon threads with tiering the shows all the time? I mean, at least have an opinion that most people don't. What's there to discuss? Everyone likes Tamers best and Adventure is always a close second. No contest. You wanna start a discussion, say your favorite was 02, I dare you.
>You will never punch a Digimon so hard that your own digimon will digivolve.

RIGHT??? The cast was also fantastic and shit totally gets real at the end. It's so comforting to know there's someone else on this board who doesn't have Tamers as their all tie fave. Not that I have a problem with that. But it's so common...
I agree, a season that was written by fucking Chiaki J. Konaka is not going to be topped so let's leave it out of the ranking.
I watched the german dub, the english dub and the sub


There is great shit in the Japanese version like the character songs and its pretty serious.

The German one is that, without character songs but everything is pretty damn good.

The English dub is atrocious though, they changed characters, fucked up the soundtrack inserted cheesy puns everywhere and the VAs suck major dick.

He could have been good if they actually did something interesting with him fighting along Agumon, but they made it a gimmick rather than a mechanic.

If he punched the shit out of champions and rookies, then became useless against ultimates and had to go under some actual fucking character development and let him fight alongside his partner again. (Like biomerging like the Tamers kids or something similar to let him become useful again)

He's lost potential
File: 36208879.png (732.96 KB, 787x557)
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732.96 KB PNG

I forgot the caharcter songs. I have them all on my iTunes.


I think it's a matter of taste. I'm one of those people who thinks Tamers is mid tier. But I'm the minority.


Damn this song is catchy!
Are we talking character songs

Where's Takeru?

Romi Park!

File: 14309796.jpg (228.41 KB, 892x792)
228.41 KB
228.41 KB JPG

He's the narrator.
File: 1367164683664.jpg (108.41 KB, 600x880)
108.41 KB
108.41 KB JPG
best couple

Best track.
File: upgrade0077.jpg (43.61 KB, 640x480)
43.61 KB
43.61 KB JPG


I challenge you to find a better female singing voice.

You can't

Also that song was also Konaka's favorite
They may have the best voices, but Rika & Renamon's songs were sub-par in my opinion.

Takato's are the most fun to listen to.

By the way, what does "Tobase" even mean?
>They may have the best voices, but Rika & Renamon's songs were sub-par in my opinion.

I have never been more attached to an anime character than I have to Guilmon.
What I like about Adventure is that it's probably literally pitched for an early digital anime (hence digital world) and avoids looking like total ass like it contemporaries because of the fantastical backgrounds and color design and intentional gaudiness. There were some thinking people behind it.


I didn't really like that one at all.

Why are so many of the Tamer-only songs such shit? The only good ones are Juri's and Takato's.
Its because you have shit taste
File: 001.png (85.87 KB, 322x241)
85.87 KB
85.87 KB PNG

Fuck, anon, that second link... I'm welling up...

No song in the world has the same effect My Tomorrow has on me. Funny, I guess...
These tiers blow.
I personally liked http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHzdjsS-7h0 more, but both are good.

Would have loved a girls version of Aijou to Nichijou
>2deep4u tier
Adventure 02

Everything in this season is pure gold. Especially Takari.
>Especially Takari
TK left Kari to live with Davis as he realized that he was gay after Kari told him that she was pregnant with his child.
You sir can go to hell
Tamers wasn't that great until the end with the D-reaper, but that's the only part anyone remembers.

Remember how much the first half of the series sucked?

Where each episode the day was saved by the kids somehow pulling a blue card out of their ass?

Adventure was significantly better.
more fun, likeable cast, better sense of adventure, fun to watch even when shit wasn't hitting the fan, selection of memorable villains.

It'd not even close.
I've rewatched all of Adventure every summer for about 7 years now. Still don't know the lyrics to Brave Heart by memory.

I really like the style Tamers had for the first 20 episodes or so. Guilmon evolving last was great. I didn't really like the Digital World prior to Beelzebumon.
File: 1386724955244.jpg (50.40 KB, 345x345)
50.40 KB
50.40 KB JPG
>You sir can go to hell
>You sir
>Remember how much the first half of the series sucked?
Except those parts are filled with character development and make the cast extremely like-able

>Where each episode the day was saved by the kids somehow pulling a blue card out of their ass?
The kids got rewarded with it for character development, you know, the entire concept the series is based on when it comes to digivolution?

The funniest is when comparing villains/anti-heroes Tamers has Beelzemon and Adventure has the attempts with Puppetmon, Piedmon and Myotismon, which aren't foreshadowed at all until their arcs begin and have little to no depth.
(Puppetmon had a fuckton of potential though, and they tried)

Fuck off tripfaggot

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