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hi /a
im in a bit of a pinch, so i thought maybe you can help me
a long time ago i saw a summary of a manga and i thought i wrote it down somewhere but apparently not, and now i can't find it

it was martial arts
some things may be off but from what i recall the story was something along the lines of

the protagonist is an ordinary salaryman
his daughter is raped
he goes out to take revenge

thanks for anything really
That sounds like a news report I heard a couple years ago about a karate trainer raping a girl, and then the girl's father committed premeditated murder on the karate instructor.
never heard of it, but sounds similar
maybe it even was based on something
from what i could tell it was really interesting
i really would like to find it
I read that, forgot it's title, and really wanted to find it again.

However, you type like a 12 year old with mental problems, so I wont be joining you on your quest. Fuck off.
wow amazing post
thanks for putting the time to write that
Sounds like Arigatou.
will look into it
thanks man
>it was martial arts

Must be Master of Martial Hearts.

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