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File: dandy la kill.png (757.76 KB, 1232x389)
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Space Dandy or Kill la kill

Which is the true savior of anime?
Maken Ki 2
Both of them are mediocre
space dandy
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Dandy's face on the left is the perfect dat ass reaction image

just how phat was the ass he saw?
Kill la kill is really shitty once you boil it down to it's main elements. sometimes okay animation, usually shitty cheap and uninspired, tons of moe moe highschool animu characters, and tons of fan service for a shittily justified allegory to attract more horrifying mouth breather fans. But it's good to just shut your mind off and watch it.

Space Dandy has more creative control, none of the main characters are purposefully attractive to an anime fanbase, the fan service isn't justified in universe, and the animation is always well put together. The world building surrounding the show is also hella less autistic than kill la kills microfiber cultist whatever the fuck. I don't like either, but space dandy is the obvious less shitty show.
File: 1362197996775.jpg (236.73 KB, 1279x718)
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Psycho-Pass already saved anime from the clutches of the Quaker Oats guy, S2 will save anime from pretenders to the throne.
>the fanservice isn't justified in universe, and the animation is always well put together.

So basically,it doea what every other anime does with it.

What's your point?
File: 1389559212873.png (436.89 KB, 600x337)
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>mfw KLKfags can't comprehend that its pig-headed fanservice is meaningless despite its intent
>mfw SD is completely aware of what's it's doing with its fanservice

Watanabe said he wanted an anime with spaceships and titties, so he made an anime with spaceships and titties.
KLK might be shit, but at least is otaku pandering shit

gues which one is selling?
File: Dean chillin.jpg (20.80 KB, 363x310)
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Neither. Anime hasn't had a savior since Evangelion.

For there to be a new, more up-to-date savior, there needs to be a show that is revolutionary or well-received enough to "revitalize" the anime industry.

I cannot see this happening for quite a while, yet.

Or was I not supposed to respond to this thread seriously?
You weren't, and you didn't
Yuri Bear Storm will be the savior we need.
File: 1390352658121.jpg (43.33 KB, 405x228)
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There is only one true savior of anime.

Anon pls.
The point of "saving" an industry becomes moot if it doesn't need saving.
Well,those two are basically n the same grounds.The only difference that Bones have more budget to throw away.
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