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Does /a/ really hate the show that much? I never see threads about it, and this is the second week in a row that not even an episode release thread appeared.

Z/X Ignition thread. I guess.
I can't believe I managed to watch entire 1st episode.
It's as generic as it gets. Even DeSu2 anime seemed more interesting.
>Card game anime #156415413

Maybe when I was 13
I like it. The first episode was complete shit, but I've really enjoyed the last two.

Sad that it seems so many people were turned off by the first episode. There doesn't even seem to be enough people watching it for a small thread each week.

Funny how you speak of underage considering how /a/ generally behaves.
I guess it's because there isn't much discuss and they already spoil what's going to happen until the middle of the series on the 1st episode.

Someone on 2ch posted that episode 7 is going to be a recap, I wonder if it's true.
Zillions of enemy x
Earsex voice cast, great animation, one of my favorite shows of the season.
The official site listed there are 7 Z/X users on character page but only 6 appears on the OP. I wonder what does this mean. The other 3 users appears as cameo on the ED.
Third episode was surprisingly good. This is definitely one of my 'surprise of the season'. The first episode was lackluster and I didn't really like the MC and his kansaiben, but now they are starting to grow on me.

The game and show are both sales flops, but this is way better than the travesties that were Devil Survivor 2 and Danganronpa the animations.
Asuka is really growing on me too, I normally hate his type of character, but for some reason I find him charming.

Also, why do people compare this show to DeSu2? I loved the game, but tried to avoid the anime.
I didn't say anything about the game. I enjoyed both DS1 and 2, but DS2 the animation was fucking, fucking terrible. Stay the fuck away from it.

The point is that I can't believe DS2 had so many viewers while something like this has only a handful. A smaller fanbase is usually better and has the potential to churn out the comfiest threads, but too little viewers also means it's next to impossible to have any discussion, even when the latest episode is out.

This show is by no means breaking any new grounds or is oozing in creativity, but it's actually executed pretty decently given the source material is a card game (that sucked). I'm glad I decided to give it the three episode rule.

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