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Would you a wizard?
Yes, consensual in the missionary position while holding hands.
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I would rather a drunken wizard
Fairy Tail; for faggots who like a blatant Naruto ripoff with a fantasy setting.
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If you're talking about this wizard then yes.
>Hurr people like things I don't like
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>/a/ said Fairy Tail was shit
>I marathoned the whole thing last year
>It was FUN just so FUN
>Fairy Tail is coming back in april

Day one watch.
Oh so now it's Naruto it's copying is it?
Does she dare to enter my magical realm?
does anyone have the raw of the swimsuit edition chapter? The one that came out on the 20th?
95% of the girls in Fairy Tail are 10/10, so ofc.
>Fucking Loosey

pls guys
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>gets betrayed and shit beaten in by villain
>gets kicked off island
>Has friends turned against her
>Villain enslaves shit-tonnes of people
>Only guy who never gave up on MC is murdered right in front of her eyes (while confessing)
>MC is almost killed
>Villain tries to sacrifice MC to bring back dark god
>villain is now spaghetti pseudo edgy faggot
>MC wants to hop on Villains dick instead of flaying him alive.
>Everybody forgives villain


Erza is shit tier
To be fair Jellal does regret what he has done, which basically means you're off the hook in shounen terms, and it's not like Erza didn't bitch slap him when he was being all betapussy about it.
File: nakama nakama.png (604.35 KB, 984x1400)
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He kills simon right in front of her
"Oh guys I'm sorry I actually killed (no-one else died prior to this in fairy tail) one of your friends", "Nah it's cool bro, why not join our guild while you're at it"

I can't wait for Simons fucking sister to stop trying to get revenge with a lame ass, "I won't kill you, but that doesn't mean I've forgiven you"

Erza Knightwalker is the only good erza, and she doesn't have her bullshit plothax armours

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