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>be me
>be in second year of highschool
>pretty good power level, nobody know i like anime
>good amount of friends
>fan of basic shit for the time
>one piece, dragon ball, etc
>get held behind by teacher for after school detention
>anime club is also meeting in the same room
>faggot weeabos enter
>one has a fucking cape on
>put my head down and just do english homework
>when work is done I get up to grab my chemistry
>notice one girl who doesn't look like she wants to be there
>she is kinda cute
>finish up and go home
>next day I notice she is in my homeroom
>three weeks pass
>detention again
>same anime club meets
>check if girl is there
>she is
>go home without saying anything to the shits
>decide to talk to her in homeroom
>she sits alone
>my usual desk-mate is gone
>decide to sit next to her
>known for doing whatever so nobody questions it
>ask her about club
>she says "you saw?"
>she's embarrassed, I've obviously struck a nerve
>she tells me that her cousin is cape-kun
cont below
File: 1387775506748.png (91.77 KB, 626x348)
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91.77 KB PNG
Fuck off.
>she says she's new in town
>admits to only go because she has no friends
>I admit that I don't mind anime
>turns out she like sit to, just has a power-level like me
>we start to regularly sit together and talk a lot
>start hanging out after school
>she no longer goes to anime club
>we hang out a lot
>talks get really deep
>she used to get really sick
>on medication for multiple things
>ends up getting sick again
I'm skipping a lot of things to keep this as short as possible
>By this point I have strong feelings for her
>she is getting worse
>can't get treated at the local hospital
>she moves without telling me
>feels bad man
>email and shit
>tell her i liked her a lot
>to late now
>she says after treatment she'd come back
>she never did
is she dead /a/?
Seriously, fuck off

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