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So, which one, /a/?
Kagami and the rest can eat shit.

What he said.
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Mi Casa es Tsukasa
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Only one answer
i feel bad about tsukasa
her sister and her best friend are a couple so they care more about each other than her
and the fourth girl is better than the rest of them in every imaginable way
tsukasa is just a dumb idiot
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You don't think Tsukasa doens't know that? She seems like she lies awake every night, thinking about how all her friends will pass her academically. Konata can cram for a semi-decent grade, Tsukasa knows that she can't do that.

All of her friends are much prettier than she is too, meaning she can't just marry some guy and be financially stable that way either.
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Kagami is miracle of the universe.
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Miyuki is objectively worst girl.
And Tsukasa may be less important than KonaKaga but she still holds an important role in the group.

Konata is best though.
>Miyuki is objectively worst girl.
shes literally smartest, prettiest (objectively, actually has a developed body), richest and most social one of the bunch
File: 1374515641603.jpg (551.57 KB, 1024x768)
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Yeah, she's a Mary Sue shit, and even if she has academical knowledge, she's boring and can't hold conversations except when it's to brag about what she read in Wikipedia.
Fuck her. Other girls have flaws and surpass it.
Kagami has a bit of an edge to her, is the only sane man in a mad world, and has the best taste in vidya.
At first I thought this meant (Kagami and the rest) can eat shit rather than Kagami (and the rest can eat shit).

Makes more sense the second way.
mary sue is a term bitter losers use to insult superior human beings

>she's boring and can't hold conversations
doesnt matter shes charming enough as a person everyone just melts in her presence

her only flaw is her bad eyesight
compare that to konata who is literally a midget or kagami who is a sick degenerate or tsukasa who is literally retarded
File: 6018455_700b.jpg (60.44 KB, 640x512)
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That doesn't work in real life you retard. She's socially inadapted and was litterally consumed by secondary characters.
if youre going to bring real life up, then you probably know that in real life konata would have killed herself a couple of years later when her father ends up in prison and she loses all income and dies an impoverished neet, kagami probably gets kicked out of her home after coming out, and tsukasa leads a lonely, pathetic, mediocre existence, barely scraping by on a shitty job with high school education

meanwhile miyuki travels the world and lives in luxury with men fawning all over her
which one, what?
You're being extremely vague here.
Why would they end up having such shitty lives ?
I was talking about how hanging out with them would be. Awesome with the girls, shitty with Miyuki.
youre the one who brought up rl m8

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