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What makes NGE a deconstruction?
Stop using that word if you don't know what it means.
Do you even know how to read?
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It isn't. It's just a show about the inner struggles of a boy who hates himself, as well as his relationships with those around him, in a constantly stressful situation. Also, mecha and guns and symbolism. But mostly about the boy and how he handles shit.

It doesn't "deconstruct" anything, because that's a term mostly reserved for reviews/criticisms/etc. It may have taken a different approach to the mecha genre (and in many ways, changed the genre forever- for better or worse), but it's not a deconstruction.

The term "deconstruction" is usually inappropriately applied to NGE- often intentionally. It's similar to the constant "EVA IS DEEP" shit- it's mostly trolling.
Large breasts and cat ladies.
It's a deconstruction of the typical harem Anime.
The MC is given a harem of beautiful and sexy girls, but rejects them all because he's actually homosexual.
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>implying anyone is going to give you decent answers
I'm not saying NGE is or isn't a deconstruction, but "deconstruction" really is just another incorrectly coined buzzword on /a/ nowadays.

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