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Hi, I wanted to know if anyone can help me figure out the name of an anime I saw a long time ago.

It was in the early 90's on the scifi channel, back when they would play anime at different times of the day.

In it a giant robot was tearing around a city, and it seemed to have a woman's brain placed inside of it. The woman didn't seem to be aware of what was going on around her, she just kept talking about... i dunno, irrelevant, everyday shit.
In the end her friends that were trying to help/save her had to smash her exposed brain to stop the robot from destroying any more of the city.

Anyone have any ideas?
i don't think that's it, this anime is from the early 90's and had a cyberpunk feel to it
No, fuck off.
Is that a pic of the gainax studio?
Why didn't you use sage?
i don't know what sage means.
Because I don't care whether my post bumps or not.
You really want people like >>100795732 posting? kill yourself.
Honestly, I don't care that he posts.
Neither should you.
It takes literally half a second to tell him to lurk more, don't be a dick.
Then tell him that but don't blame me for making him post.
If you don't want to do it that's fine, but don't encourage him either, just ignore.

People spoonfeeding and giving conversation to newfags do more harm than the newfags themselves.
But that's exactly what I do, ignore him.
But then that one anon (>>100795825) started talking about him when I didn't even notice his post.
But ignore the threads too.

I mean, it's a request thread, and your joke sucked anyway.
I know, but the reply I got made it worth it.
What? Making an autists circlejerk? Are you one of those that thinks they are trolling them and not just feeding them?
That's just sad.
I bet I troled him pretty hard.
The fact that I also posted defending his opinion only reinforced his argument that you are an outsider.

It's like people that spoonfeed in rec threads, they don't realize it does little since it's the attitude that turns peopel away and reinforces the sense of community.

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