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Why do people like this again? It's basically Gary Stu the high school student who can kill everything meets Mary Sue the Vampirefu and their "emotional" (see: cliche vampire shit) relationship.

Dare I say, Twilight for weaboos, minus werewolves and shit.

No I'm not watching the nonexistant anime.

Why do people like Nasu's works so much anyway?

He's a hack, and the only reason people defend him is because they still think people haven't read the VNs. As though reading VNs is obscure in 2014.
It's nothing more than POWERLEVELS and waifu faggotry. Allow me to simulate the Nasu experience.

>She was a perfect cook. Even though she was never warm to me, her eggs benedict betrayed her emotions.
>Her vagina was like a snail, climbing an eager tree.
>Surely, there was no way he could do this impossible task before him. But then he looked deep inside, and somehow he did.

And that's nasu in a nutshell.
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leaving your faggotry aside
I agree that arc is complete shit and her fans only argue with saying that she is "cute"
Even Ciel is better than this piece of shit, and I'm comletely serious here.

We had this exact same thread yesterday, get a hobby
Making bad threads is a hobby.
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>Type Moonshit
why is tsukihime so much better than fate?
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ey yo porkslope turkeyhandle was a good anim why u talkin shit
Nasu is fucking shit.
>comparing Fate/Shit to 月姫
You cannot do a bigger disservice to it than that
Fate is worse in every single way, Tsukihime was DMC and Fate was DmC. You can't even compare them, FSN is mainstream garbage for the ADHD-raddled shonen crowd.
If you read FSN before Tsukihime, you should kill yourself out of shame .
Fate is naruto with porn.
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I liked the manga

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