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Remember how there was nothing particularly new about Love Lab but there still existed a really solid fanbase (even here on /a/)?

Friend of mine recently told me that Engaged to the Unidentified is this season's Love Lab.

But Mikakunin is male orientated, whereas Love Lab is mainly female orientated, so that is stupid.
>Friend of mine

OP confirmed for too scared to admit his opinions are his own
>I can't read the cataloge
Kill yourself out of /a/
Another thing to think about: both Love Lab and this one will occasionally have insanely well animated sequences for no fucking reason at all
File: 1390347123951.gif (711.36 KB, 271x223)
711.36 KB
711.36 KB GIF

>initially looked like generic highschool crap with girl cast

>turns out to be enjoyable, the characters likeable, and a stupid (but fun) plot which moves the whole thing forward

Yeah, I'd say.

Bonus points for best OP and ED of the season.
How is Mikakunin male oriented? Because of the Kobeni x Hakuya thing? It hasn't picked up too much steam at this point in the series other than some playful japes

Though I'm sure it'll take more form later on
But Love Lab was funny and Mikakunin isn't.
>Friend of mine recently told me that Engaged to the Unidentified is this season's Love Lab.
Please, it is text book male orientated, I'd go as far as to call it outright otaku pandering.
Nothing wrong with that, just pointing it out.
Ladies and gentlemen; the Fujoshit.
It's your choice to believe me or not anon. In fact he's comin over today; we're gonna watch Slayers

Lies and fabrications
>Bonus points for best OP and ED of the season.
Instant favorites upon viewing, singles and no-credit versions fucking when?
NC-OP is on youtube. Don't know about the ED
File: fa7489.gif (1.40 MB, 480x270)
1.40 MB
1.40 MB GIF
Just watch it, its worth it
Mashiro is a miracle of the universe.
Mashiro a shit, no good scenes, only one clothes that are also ugly, no body to speak of and the same one gimmick repeated over and over.
>no body to speak of
pedo pls go
I think it might actually be illegal to have taste this terrible.
It seems YOU are the pedo, since I'm just saying Mashiro practically has no body, she's an ugly kid.
File: 1389485621597.png (299.72 KB, 720x560)
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299.72 KB PNG
I would fuck her, and you can't do anything about it, normie.
You wouldn't. She has no looks.
Anime agreed.
She won't have any looks when her vision is obscured due to her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

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