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Holy cow. Just finished the Tatami Galaxy. Why had I never heard about this show until now? I'm still at a loss for words about the ending.
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Because if you mention nice things on /a/, they will be shit on.

I'm abandoning thread early.
>Why had I never heard about this show until now?
Because it's your first day on /a/ or something? Dunno.

Fuck off.
wtf u fkn fgt tatmi galay is the shitest anime iv e ever seen u fkn cheeky cunt u thikn ur so fukkin clevar u lil bitch ill fukn wrek u u stupd assnigere go wach reale animes like Naruto or Boku la Kill
Because you're a newfag?
I got two pieces of advice for you

1. Before posting on /a about an animu series you just watched:
-check out the year when it was made
-let a couple days pass so you're not fangasming all over the series

2. You should go an kill yourself because your life means nothing faggot
Holy shit give this guy a break, if you're not up to discuss TG then hide the thread, but posting low quality shitposts like this is absolutely disgusting.
Abandoning thread.
I liked it too
It doesn't matter whether it's Tatami Galaxy or anything else, starting a thread about any popular and widely acclaimed series with "why had I never heard about this" is extremely obnoxious and pretty much rules out any good discussion taking place.

(Not like there's anything left to talk about anyway or OP made any effort to start actual discussion)
Why do you idiots keep posting these threads? They never take off, and there's a reason for that. Just fuck off. You're not trolling, you're not a part of the community, you're not even that annoying. You're just incomprehensible autists. I feel bad for you.

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