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Am I the only one who thinks it would be better if Kizu were a single cour tv series rather than the movie? I just don't think they can do it justice in a 2 hour movie format especially after all the hype and expectations that's been building up for years and years.

Also Monogatari thread I guess
Is it even being made?

I mean, we've been waiting for years now.
I disagree. It needs the movie-level animation. Story-wise, it's among the shortest, and unlike the others, there's more suited to showing rather than telling. It doesn't have all the monologues and conversations of the other parts, so the pacing of it can be a lot faster.
I guess it can't be a tv series with movie level budget/animation?

Yeah, if I remember correctly in an interview with someone from SHAFT, they said they were working on Hana and Kizu at the same time or something of that sort.
I think the movie format fits Kizu fine. I hope they release it soon though.
It's my favorite book in the series.

Being a movie will help it shine.

I'm hyped through the roof. It's gonna be bigger than life. It needs to be.

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