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Well this was quite good, except for the fucking shit ending and Nippon cannot into microgravity.
Never heard of it.
No 26 episode anime with vagina aliens.
I felt it went to complete shit once they went into space. The Shuttle Launch episode was the best of series, and then everything just went down hill from there

> From gritty military style fighting to lolnewtypes but even worse in power levels
> Entire episode about space orgies
> Character besides the main character are completely helpless against Blue (hundreds of soldiers will die to one Blue while MCs will mow down thousands with assault rifles)
> Completely unnecessary last episode with an arbitrary last boss

I dunno, the second half of the series was just awful for me.
Yeah the first half was a lot better...
Aggreed. The best aprt was the post-apocalyptic adventuring. I wish they made that part longer.
I don't think that the ending was THAT bad, though it could have been better.
I feel the same. Wasn't there a movie and tv version that were different? I think I liked the TV version better, whichever one had less of the cryogenic people from the past turning into newtypes.
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Did you overlook the shit that happens while the credits roll? I wouldn't have minded the ending that much if they hadn't suddenly killed off every other human.
Was a case of shit show, great OP for me.

It had a little promise in the first 2 episodes but quickly got worse each episode after that. Shame too because it had promise.

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