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do i need to watch the animes to get the movie?
No of course not. Nothing connected in anyway.
Of course. You can skip the first hour of the movie too because who gives a shit right?

This guy doesn't knw what he is talking about

You would probably still like the movie, but a lot of the more subtle parts that require a knowledge of the series to fully understand would be lost on you. Having watched the series first made me appreciate the movie a whole hell of a lot more. One of my absolute favorites.

I'm thinking about rewatching it today, actually.
You don't.
Enjoy the movie, anon.
>This guy doesn't knw what he is talking about
That guy was sarcastic, anon. What he probably meant was that you can't skip the main material for the movie.
In the case of Haruhi, yes you have to watch the anime/read the first three light novels. You really have to know what sort of creatures the SOS Brigade is composed of.
Heed my warning: Watch the anime first, or nothing would make sense.
at the bare minimum, you need to watch the Melancholy episodes (introduction to the characters), Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, and Endless Eight (only the first and the last episode). But since you watched 1/3 of the anime episodes, you may also finish.
The best experience comes from watching most of the series
for instance in the context of the movie Endless Eight probably forms the largest example of why the movie's conflict is so magnanimous (despite people absolutely hating EE)
the movie is standalone, but the way the protag (kyon) deals with issues does nod back to what already happened, so it might be better if you watch S1 and S2, even though S2 infuriated a shitton of people
Hell, given how the movie turned out, that might've been the plan all along, relative-wise and plot-wise
Are you fucking retarded OP?

Goddamn, people don't even google what they want to watch anymore.

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