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File: SQFOIC.png (65.87 KB, 256x256)
65.87 KB
65.87 KB PNG
I'll try again.

Hey guys, did you already check out the latest extension to the pack (the Jan17th one) ?

All the info here:

Request here or on the blogspot all the shows AND MANGA you want icons for,
and I'll make sure they're in the next extension.

Lastly, I'd be happy if some anon could give me a hand in making the manga icons,
basically it'd be about splitting the work load since I just started making them and there's
many many more manga than anime.
To that anon that requested this and Youkai watch (twice), here they are.
File: youkai watch.png (137.01 KB, 256x256)
137.01 KB
137.01 KB PNG
An example of the difference between Glow and Glowless versions for someone new to this? I didn't see anything in FAQ.

Thanks for the work!
File: Akira.png (106.84 KB, 256x256)
106.84 KB
106.84 KB PNG
File: Akira.png (103.29 KB, 256x256)
103.29 KB
103.29 KB PNG
You should find one in the "All the links" page, but here's another.

>>100785922 is glowless.

Pic related is glow.
File: Aku No Hana Alt2.png (41.26 KB, 256x256)
41.26 KB
41.26 KB PNG
Whoops, meant to quote >>100785917, obviously.
File: Clannad Alt.png (132.55 KB, 256x256)
132.55 KB
132.55 KB PNG
Here's one of the whopping 5 new icons I made.
where can I download everything in one pack?
How do you use these? Just set them as folder images?
Is there one for Psycho-Pass?
You should make a download link to download all of them or have a site to keep them stored.
This is pretty cool, but instead of downloading packs, I would like to line item download only the individual icons I want.
Or at least tell me what icons are in what packs.
/v/ had made a booru for Steam banners. You should do the same perhaps.
File: psycho-pass alt.png (55.66 KB, 256x256)
55.66 KB
55.66 KB PNG
There's 4.

Yeah, I have to figure out a way to have a single pack and to keep it updated. If anyone has viable ideas, please share them.

Basically, yes. I suggest you use the icon matcher to ease the process, though.
Make a booru, negro.
This is ballin but I'm not downing 2000 icons I won't use, let me get just the ones I want.
I think you can do it with torrents.
For every update release a new torrent with all the icons, the new users will be able to download everything at once and for the anons who already have the other icons the client will download only the new files.
It would be perfect with a RSS to download automatically the new torrents.
That way all we have to do is delete the old torrents from our client.
The only problem is the seeders
File: Beck Alt.png (141.31 KB, 256x256)
141.31 KB
141.31 KB PNG

Yeah, Pokemon Trainer did too. But isn't it kind of a pain to manually download the icons one by one, considering that boorus don't support ico files.

Anyway, I'll think about it. Isn't there any other method, like sharing the entire folders on google or similar? Or like >>100788549 suggested.

This is just, like, my opinion, but I found many fun shows I didn't know simply by making these, so maybe, scrolling the 2000 icons you don't need, you might discover some new series you knew nothing about. Just sayin' .
File: un-go inga-ron.png (127.64 KB, 256x256)
127.64 KB
127.64 KB PNG
Did you make one for Yozakura Quartet - Tsuki ni Naku? Because I can only find Hana no Uta and Hoshi no Umi.
Requesting a Shin Sekai yori icon featuring Squealer.
File: hamatora alt.png (144.07 KB, 256x256)
144.07 KB
144.07 KB PNG
Nope. I'll give it a try now.
How do I change the icon of a single mkv?
Like for movies and stuff.
Make a folder for every movie

you can call me I-suck-at-giving-advice-sensei
Yeah, pretty much.

How's this?
Any particular image you want me to use?
File: Shin Sekai Yori alt.png (91.50 KB, 256x256)
91.50 KB
91.50 KB PNG
Anyway, I tried.

This is the last post from me. If you have requests, please leave them here or on the blogspot, I'll read them tomorrow.

If you wanna join the manga icon project and give me a hand, add me on skype look for live:nintendino. Just introduce yourself as anons or something. It'd really help me.
I love it, thanks.
Still using Windows XP and these icons are pretty much what I needed. Keep this up. I'd love a jpeg or png pack though.

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