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>decide to read this shit for the rape scenes and out of curiosity
>every page makes me cringe like hell
>I have to read a chapter of some light comedy shit every 2 chapters of it otherwise I can't do it

Is it worth it /a/? Is the premise just shit and then it get's better?
If you aren't enjoying the teen angst you should stop.
I don't know, I usually don't mind teen angst. I really liked swweeet, and thought this would be somewhat similar to it.
Anyway I've only read 10 chapters of it, and i'm kinda curious to see where it's gonna go but at the same time everything that happens makes me cringe so fucking hard
who the fuck enjoys teen angst as a thing?
Fucking when will Futari wa pretty anon release the new chapter It's been out for ages.
Aku no Hana fans.
how's the anime compared to the manga itself?
The whole appeal is how cringy, in a good way, it is. It's probably not for you, mate
The whole thing is ridiculous and cringe-worthy. I was honestly just laughing at the whole thing. I found it interesting later on as well as hilarious, and it's decent if you take it with a pinch of salt.
the first 3 volumes are absolute pure cringe, but volumes 4-6 is shit gets real.

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