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I've just caught up with The Pilot's Love Song. I've given it the three-episode rule, and I can safely drop it harder than a plummeting fighter with all engines on fire.

This story is complete unremitting nonsense. The bland repetitive didactic class-struggle tropes are not only lame (beaten up over an ice cream cone? Jesus, what is this, the school playground), but they don't make any sense in the context of the show either.

It might work if our heroes were ragged, filthy, penniless urchins living in a rancid, cholera-ridden slum - It'd be simplistically blunt and didactic to the point of idiocy, but it'd at least be understandable. It emphatically doesn't work when you've all been specially selected to participate in a historic international mission, you're all officers (the real Other Ranks, the maintenance crews, remain literally as background props), and are living in spacious dorms with rooms bigger than my entire apartment set in beautiful manicured garden grounds by a pristine lake teeming with fish alongside pretty Italianate villages, upon a breathtaking lush and verdant floating continent gracefully cruising through a heaven of golden dawns and ruby sunsets... far above the worms of the ground below.

LN readers, is there any reason to continue, or will the series just bang this same tired drum for the next nine episodes?
Suck my cock dude.
b-but muh hot chicks and aircraft
so tell me OP, what is more worthwhile this season then?
It might be pretty cliche, but its not as bad as you make it be
Clair a cute

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