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What does /a/ think? I've seen the first episode and I haven't been drawn in yet. Their mech is garbage and the OP promised more than what has been delivered.
I gave up after 3 eps, so incredibly boring
I didn't make it past the 2nd. Would rather spend my whole time watching my lava lamp.
I have the first episode downloaded so I can watch the OP whenever I want. If only I could cut out the file.
Manga is superior, I really couldn't finish the anime after hearing all the stupid changes
1st half of the anime makes some improvements on the manga, like the kid who sits on a pillow's story. I cared for him in the anime and not in the manga mainly because they had more time time to develop his story. 2nd half is a little of lol Gonzo going on. It's not bad, but when you compare it to the manga it's crap.

It also makes a lot of tiny changes, for censorship reasons and what have you you. But ti also makes a lot of big changes, like the changes to fat kid's story. The two page spread where he meets the other pilot is one of the most moving panel I've ever seen, but the anime changes his whole story and fucks it up.

1st half of anime is better than the 2nd, manga's betetr overall.
Pity Thanks for the input. The OP is fantastic I'll be glad I came out with that.
mango > animu

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