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We create the next Shonen superhit
Someone killed MC father, turn out MC is his own father and he killed himself.
File: 1383965830853.jpg (651.23 KB, 1316x686)
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651.23 KB JPG
An ancient evil awakens.
I'd watch it.

how about this one

cute girls doing cute things

it'd be a masterpiece, i know
File: 1340711602855.jpg (2.79 KB, 126x106)
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2.79 KB JPG
Guy falls in love with beautiful, accomplished, unattainable classmate.
Without an adequate explanation she begins to hang out with him and they inch towards romance.
The MC, however, feels guilty about the new relationship due to his feelings for a childhood friend that left the country three years ago.
Finds out that the new girl is actually a trap and decides to find out what happened to his childhood friend.
Turns out that his childhood friend is the new girl and was masquerading as the trap/school idol.
Tentacle monster rape to finish.
File: 1387332536667.png (1.01 MB, 913x1181)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
So, Story opens in a public execution of the "bad guy". he smiles and a team of asshat appears to rescue him. They kill some random civilian and our MC is tasked to hunt down the "bad guy".

the "bad guy" talks like Kaiki, with his own theme playing whenever he's present. His underlings is a white haired guy with Lightning and batshit insane healing as powers, a Tomboy that uses Giant Mechanical Arms(pure Strength), a Loli that manipulates fire and ice and an Edgy Swordsman with the ability to talk to the forest

our MC is a random guy with a Magic Silver Glove, with the ability to store cards in another dimension. It picks 3 cards in need for some situation then let the MC choose what to project, the other 2 would be disabled until the next summon.
File: 234322.jpg (24.25 KB, 460x208)
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24.25 KB JPG
A dying earth send gigantic robots with mankind's knowledge in past, hoping past people will do better job than them.
Come back to 1900, international race to build the deadliest computer-assisted weapons.
No one cares about future apocalypse : WWI with robots.
Would be nice, really. Plus, put [RANDOM WAIFUS] everywhere.
In this world, only eating, body-mass and strengh matters. The stomach and bodies can grown endlessly, to any size, as long as you have enough spirit and endurance to eat and work out and become the biggest and baddest.

Therefore the entire life revolves around sumo wrestling, and winning the competetions to become the world leader.

In this world, humans and animals weight tonnes and appear in all sizes. The setting is in a urban wasteland. Everyone is after the biggest meal, and the best way to earn body mass.

Our Main Character rather does his cave drawings rather than the tradional lifestyle. Therefore he is heavily bullied, and an outcast. Because of the frustration he eats and eats, and will soon pay it back to everybody...

I really think this would do well in a Shonen Magazine.
imagine this; it is the year 2100, usa massive war with china, now all the lands are submerged, people go to school underwater and shit, main character's village worships octopus, BUT THEN a enemy pod of whale worshippers attacks his village, now main character is out for revenge UNDERWATER. Also the young people's be adapted to underwater pressures by some being able to use echolocation and all that nonsense.
>School helds a tournament every year
>each club battles to be the School's representative
>MC gets invited by a Charming Lady in a club
>Turns out the Lady is a vampire
>MC accepts and he gets introduced to the club members, The Vampire as president, a guy in glasses as VP, and his childhood friend as Secretary
>They use cards to boost their parameters, like Speed 1 - Wind, Speed 2 - Sound, Speed 3 - Light which alters their speed or Elemental spells.
>President withdraws from the club in mid arc
>Rescue Arc, with VP dying and giving his legacy to MC
A slice of life in which every concept of nature is personified as moeblobs in the modern world.
Past, Present, and Future would be triplets
File: 2342424234.png (99.29 KB, 2264x1384)
99.29 KB
99.29 KB PNG

got sudden inspiration
That would be Suisei no garganshit
I have this idea of a fight between two factions.
It's morally charged from both sides, but the audience will typically follow just one as the protagonists.
They aren't the underdogs most of the time, and sometimes they are somewhat cruel (however, the tone of the scenes will be shifted to focus on the likeable character traits of the main characters rather than the destruction).

In the end, they will be killed as if they were an end villain in a more typical story.
I feel like this would not only be an interesting way to play with the audience's emotions and make for a memorable ending, but to make the audience realize just how much they can be manipulated with the way a story is told for them to be behind a faction that in the end was just as evil as the enemy.
File: Chuck E.jpg (64.97 KB, 1024x303)
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64.97 KB JPG
Charles A. Cheesers is one of the largest kingdoms in the world in the far future. As its name suggests, it models its Cheesocracy after Chuck E. Cheese. It is a meritocracy where people who win at Skee-ball, basketball, and other assorted games win tickets that can be redeemed for food, guns, and the like.

Our MC is young woman who is a total klutz. Can't throw a skee-ball, horrible at gambling. Down to her last tickets, she comes across a mysterious man clad in tickets, who calls himself Ticket Wizard.

Ticket Wizard, who opposes the rule of Charles A. Cheezers, decides to make the MC his disciple. In return for her helping him take down the Cheesocracy, he will teach her how to win games and ultimately get enough tickets to earn the 1 billion ticket superprize: godlike power.

So basically, a fusion of Kill la Kill and Redline set in Chuck E. Cheeses.
File: 1383184965964.jpg (97.86 KB, 800x800)
97.86 KB
97.86 KB JPG
A slice of life about drug dealers and their clients.
Titans, Titans everywhere
Our MC is a young girl who, running with bread in mouth on the way to school, accidentally trips and sends her shoe flying.

Her shoe just happens to hit an assassin sent to kill the prime minister, and sets him ablaze. The girl realizes that she has superpowers. Incredibly specific superpowers that require her to throw a shoe at her enemies, and random superpowers depending on what kind of shoe she has, but superpowers nonetheless.

Obviously, her first action is to establish the Super Heroes club, a public forum where people ashamed of their superpowers can wear masks and fight crime. The MC, now calling herself Sole Reaper, assembles a motley crew of superpowered students:
>Rave Master: An obese teacher who, if he takes his shirt off, floods the surrounding area with flashing lights and dubstep. Fights with a glowstick bo staff.
>Red Dawn: A very shy student who is deeply religious, and ashamed of her alternate psychopathic personality that surfaces once a month.
>Rick Doorpuncher: A transfer student from America who has the power to turn people into doors by punching them, then traversing through them like Blueno from One Piece. Is afraid of using his powers, as his brother was a super who lost his life several months ago.
>Emi C. Escher: A young girl not really right in the head (think Osaka). She has realized that she is in a manga, and utilizes the fourth wall and her own esper abilities to trap enemies in Klein bottles, send them tumbling down an infinite cycle of stairs, or use other optical illusions to her advantage.
>Gold Standard: An oujo-sama with no superpowers, but becomes jealous of the MC and goes full Batman to feel superior.

Together, these heroes try to fight crime and explore each other's demons, while trying to find out what evil organization would want the prime minister dead.
"The Cleaners"

>A self-righteous delinquent gang leader with a closet cleaning obsession as the MC. He finds himself in need of money so he starts looking for a part-time job and finds an ad in the newspaper about "cleaners wanted; no experience required". He goes to check it out but it ends up being an ad about killers-for-hire. Hilarity ensues as MC ends up as a gun-for-hire without him realizing (and he still thinks it's some kind of obscure cleaning job.)

>Most of it is comedy but things get dramatic when he is given a job to "clean" a friend of his because of debt.

>He then turns against the whole killer organization and risks his life every episode in attempt to destroy them.

>somehow hot high-school girls are included.

China doesn't have a drug culture
File: 1386684557757.jpg (46.33 KB, 477x477)
46.33 KB
46.33 KB JPG
The Title is "I Can't Believe That This Genius Psychopath Hikikomori Sold the First Conceivable Mecha Blueprints to South Korea Who's Going to Sell it to America!!!"

Sherrokku Homesu is a genius, a hikikomori and a psychopath, who just sold the blueprints for the first actually conceivable mecha ever to South Korea, who's probably going to sell it to America.

Japan forms a team to get back the blueprints forcing Sherroku to find the documents for him. The team:

Saruki, a rookie who's genius almost matches Sherrokku's so she's the best person to communicate with him.

Tokomaru, a hardass dude who doesn't have time for this bullshit. Ferocious homosexual.

Yuzu, a chick with a great ass, she's totally into Tokomaru but he doesn't care. She has great fighting skills.

John Hammerspy, a Japan loyalist from America (weeaboo). Very good with guns and stealth action.
"I Want to Be a Hero."

The anime starts as a typical harem series, until the MC gets knocked unconscious by the tsundere girl during the second or third episode. After waking up, he somehow realizes that he is actually the protagonist of a harem series.

Knowing how he is doomed to being nothing but a self-insert fantasy, with nobody even bothering to remember his name, he decides to change fate. He takes the first plane out of Japan in order to find enlightenment.

There are no shonen cliches here. The MC learns some fighting ability, but doesn't name his attacks or look to get in any fights. Most episodes are him roaming wherever the wind takes him, hoping whatever experience lies ahead will make him a better person. Very introspective and philosophical concerning the ultimate question: how can I live my life?
>Wig of Wisdom.

The owner of a much loved shop is killed and the thing stolen was a really old fashioned wig, these wigs aren't ordinary as they are made from the hair of Gods and Goddesses themselves and whichever mortal wears them obtains supernatural powers. The main character is a detective who wears The Wig Of Wisdom made from the strands of Minerva's hair which she uses to help her detective cases. Can our hero discover which wig was stolen and find the culprit before they use the wig they took for their own nefarious deeds?
File: 1284573174364.jpg (10.08 KB, 277x155)
10.08 KB
10.08 KB JPG
MC is a girl who is forced to enroll in a school for traps and needs to learn act like a guy acting like a girl, lest she be discovered and expelled.
Her traps classmates start to fall for the girl the guy she's acting as acts as, drama and comedy ensues.
File: 3123123213.png (194.91 KB, 2264x1384)
194.91 KB
194.91 KB PNG

No LN or anime clichees designed to sell BD and merchandise.

We want the next shonenshit that will be read by the masses in JUMP and soon around the world.

more >>100777695 to this
File: Untitled.png (66.10 KB, 167x181)
66.10 KB
66.10 KB PNG
I'm sure my Sherrokku will do just fine.

Episode 1:
Sherrokku sells the blueprints. He is shortly arrested after. A team is assembled and he is forced to be apart of it or they'll kill him.

Episode 2
Sherrokku comes up with a plan to infiltrate America using sand people, a plan which consists of completely destroying any trace of the blueprints. Yuzu and Tokumaru go to America to carry out the operta. While the rest of the team in Japan infiltrates South Korea just in case the blueprints are still there as well.

Episode 3
The situation in America is a complete bloodbath, Yuzu is killed among the chaos and Tokomaru is critically wounded. The gang is detained in South Korea.

Episode 4
Sherrokku using his cunning intellect escapes from detainment in South Korea, but doing so he sacrifices Saruki, who is shot to death. John Hammerspy also escapes but alone.

Episode 5
The world is going crazy. America vows revenge on Japan after finding out about the operation. Meanwhile Sherrokku is in the Bahamas playing his dating sim which turns out to be really disappointing.

Episode 6
John Hammerspy saves Tokomaru from the hands of the Americans. They come to the conclusion that this is all Sherrokku's fault and set out to get their revenge.

Episode 7
A cat and mouse game between Johnkomaru and Sherrokku while American ships surrond the island.

Episode 8
America starts launching nukes at Japan, completely obliterating the country. Sherrokku is able to kill John Hammerspy but John first infects him with a deadly virus.

Episode 9
Tokomaru who is still shaken up by the death of John Hammerspy goes out in a blaze of glory killing thousands of American soldiers. At the end of the episode he is killed.

Episode 10
Sherrokku figures out a cure for the virus. At the end of the episode he is captured by Japanes forces. They ask him for help. To get revenge on America.

Will there be a season 2? Who knows!!!
There have to be nazi somewhere.
genius, this would sell well in japun
A battleship allegory to human conception would be nice
robot over rule vs human rebellion
its a complete all out war robots are winning due to having nearly no weaknesses humans fight with 3 types of weapons the discharge rod(has an inbuilt capacitor which discharges a circuit frying amount of energy into the enemy requires clips of capacitors after each use. used against force field equipped units) the heat blade( a blade made of resistors which generate huge amounts of heat to cut through thick Armour most effective against majority of units. has a use of 4 seconds and a cool down of at least 12 seconds if use exceeds 4s weapon blows.
magnetic impact hammer (has a strong electro magnet when turned on it gives the hammer more force piercing and in caving units)
the robots are winning but intelligence has found the hive and send 3 of the best to find out whats happening
Episode 1 (Awakening): Teenage dropout hikikomori hoarder inherits his recently passed parent's mansion.

Episode 2 (Trap): 5-year timeskip, he gets trapped between the junk he was hoarding when he comes across a secret passage in the wall of his bedroom. Upon entering, he gets trapped and can't get out.

Episode 3 (Repise): Upon descending several flights of seemingly-endless stairs, he finds himself coming down from the attic of the mansion. Confused, he decides to make his way through the trash and back to his room to find the secret compartment. He enters the room and is surprised to see that the trash is gone. He's even more surprised when he sees there's no other compartment.

Episode 4 (Child): Week time-skip; monolgue about how he was trying for days to get the original compartment on the attic stairs open. Exhausted, he falls asleep and dreams of his childhood. He sees himself in a dimly-lit basement playing with something. The dream ends before he can see what he was playing with. Waking up, he comes to the conclusion to check the basement. Upon checking, he realizes its not the basement from the dream, although his parents owned this mansion their entire lives.

Episode 5 (Time): Uncertain amount of time skipped. Hungry and delirious, he contemplates going outside. He comes to the conclusion that he hasn't seen anyone since his parents dead bodies, and hadn't heard anyone since the phone call saying that his parents were dead. He feels that something doesn't add up. After deciding to go outside and face his phobia, he collapses.

Episode 6 (Awakening Reprise): He has another dream, this time of a child that doesn't look like him in the same basement he thought he saw himself playing in. The child is playing with a dollhouse that looks strangely familiar. Before it directly shows the child, there's knocking. Knocking, knocking. He wakes up and makes his way to the door. Upon opening it, he sees
i'd watch this.
i'd fap to r34.
File: 1389365217845.jpg (54.75 KB, 1024x576)
54.75 KB
54.75 KB JPG
MC sits next to window in classroom and stares out into it the whole episode every episode.
MC is a hungry retard
dinosaurs, robots and evil aliens in a war
MC is power hungry and ambitious, born a descendant to fifteen kinds of gods and devils and exceptionally talented. He's actually the bad guy and he has no intention of ever redeeming his ways.
Ends with MC deafeated by the typical shounen moralfag.
A Samurai looking for the perfect cherry blossom travels to the west and helps people during his journey. He arrives at the middle east in the times of the crusades and reflexes upon the slaughter. He defends a group of arab kids about to be killed by the templars and he cuts some of them in half with his samurai skills, but more templars come, restrain him and watches the kids getting murdered. After that he is taken to the pope to be punished for heresy, but after having samurai conversations and after he helps the knights from an invasion, the pope forgives him and makes him a knight, he gives him a sword that says "I belong to the warrior in who the old ways have joined the new". Then the samurai returns to Japan, riding his horse to the sunrise.
it won't be popular enough for a shonen superhit
MC decided to to conquer the world despite the fact he's the only person in the world without any abilities or powers.

But that's ok he'll just gather nakama to fight his battles for him. As he goes from village to village he befriends people who also wants to travel in an attempt to recruit and train them into a perfect fighting force.
A beautiful rich girl is being stalked by the infamous dreadlocked assassin known only as Jones. Coincidentally she meets a space knight who is kind and bored enough to offer bodyguard protection. Push comes to shove and the space knight finds himself face to face with Jones in a formal swordfight, with the most elite military special ops team on standby. However the whole thing has been a ruse to distract from the real danger: the invasion of Earth by a robot army. Earth now officially occupied, the three now join forces and leave the planet. Their loose goal is to find reinforcements to take back Earth and prevent such a situation from ever happening again.
eccentric scientist are like wizards

no regards for right and wrong
A comedy high school SoL.
In an average high school, a big artistic school project is set up to let many talented students work together.
The two MC's are a boy and a girl who are in love with each other.
The boy wants to become a mangaka, the girl an idol or seiyuu.
They decide to join the school project together so they can be a step closer to archieve their dreams.
It turns out the school project is to make an eroge.
As soon as this is revealed, many students leave the project and leaving only a few students behind.
The leader; fat otaku, perverted gaijin gentleman, hikkikomori girl, the two MC's and closet pervert tsun-kuu-dere ojousama.
Most of the time it's bakuman in high school with sex jokes.
Chapters/ epsides include;
-"how do I draw an erected penis?!"
-"what is the best way to pronounce 'AAAH~'?!"
-"the ultimate battle of mankind; flat chests vs. Cowtits!"
guys we need "WANNA BE THE BEST" and "POWER UP" shit with fantastical settings that boys wanna read.
Unused settings, and typical protagonists. Like Magi or Blue Exorcist.

This for example is pretty good:
I don't know a good plot but I did come up with a good openin for a battle shounen.
>I wan't to become stronger!
>I wan't to protect you
>let's explore worlds
>you're my friend
>we fight together
>[guitar solo]
>let's become stronger!
>let's protect each other
>let's explore the world
>as friends
There is MC
He meets a nice girl and falls in love.
But the girl turns out to be the princess of some magic kingdom shit and also his sister and she's kidnapped.
MC needs to save this girl.
MC also needs a nice guy.
But the guy hates him because MC's father killed his father and raped his mother and gave birth to princess imouto who MC needs to rescue.
MC needs to become stronger so he can save princess imouto before other guy does.
Cute traps doing cute things
>Sole Reaper
These threads keep getting funnier and funnier.
So, in other words, Yakitatte Ja-Pan(sp?), only with drugs instead of bread? I like it.
isn't this just EVA?
>古霊の友達 (Ko Rei no Tomodachi)

The Battling Trio Tournament is going to start in two months. Three middle school guys want to enter, but they have no battling experience nor skills. They go and ask the owner of an antique store to train them, since he was a well known fighter in his youth. The man says he can't train them, but that there is someone else who can do it. He hands the guys a little clay statue, and instructs to take it to a hill at night and form a circle around it.

The next night the three boys do as they were told. The statue starts to glow and out of it comes a spirit. The spirit claims to be an old warrior from feudal Japan who helps people in their quest for physical, mental and spiritual strength. The kids explain their situation to the warrior, and he accepts to train them for the tournament.
Only if Bear Feet is her arch-nemesis.
some of the biggest success of shonen manga have nothing to do with school at all...no good more like the sumo story please
WTF that is brilliant!

File: 1388174997817.jpg (242.08 KB, 800x800)
242.08 KB
242.08 KB JPG
Would watch the everlasting shit out of that
just like every genre of anime/manga

shoujo is best outside of high school
>be poor Scottish conscript inna Highland regiment
>be fighting at Verdun
>suddenly cute girl piloting this badass robot appears and helps fend off the Hun
>make it your duty to protect her no matter what
>go over the top
>Die horribly
That's so stupid, I'm certain I would watch it.
>Rick Doorpuncher: A transfer student from America who has the power to turn people into doors by punching them
Anyone have that screencap on hand?
I would fap to this so hard you have no I dea
the MC is actually the bad guy
>A girl wakes up one day and she doesn't know where she is. She has no memories of how she got there, and has no idea why she doesn't remember anything.
>By her side is a woman claiming to be her mother. Her mother tells her that she is special and privileged. She was chosen from "over the wall" to be placed in a protective case for the rest of her life.
>The girl wasn't sure what "over the wall meant" but she didn't want to be chosen.
>Her mother helps her up out of bed and takes her out of the small all-white room that she was in, and takes her outside.
>Outside was the protective enclosure. Complete with all necessary living equipment. Food, supplies, medicine, housing, and even materials to make other needed items in the enclosure.
>The girl saw all the supplies but didn't care about them because the enclosure also contained trees, rocks, a cave, and even a pond. And she had never seen any of these things before.
>Throughout the day the girl amused herself with the nature of the enclosure, but she was still aware of the large glass barrier that kept her from the outside world.
>Her enclosure's perimeter was much taller than any of the trees, made of thick glass with a slick coating.
>She was able to see the outside world around her. And also all the people looking at her from the outside in.
>Her mother told her these people were jealous of her. And jealous that she was chosen to be behind the glass. So she should never talk to them.
>The girl lived unhappily in the enclosure for three years before she plotted her escape.
Haremshit...but the tsundere is the protagonist.

You can tell who's going to win based on who makes said protagonist fluctuate between tsun-tsun and dere-dere the most.
File: TribesWall.jpg (217.18 KB, 1920x1200)
217.18 KB
217.18 KB JPG
Tribes: The Anime

In the far future mankind exiled from Earth wages war against itself. But what happens when the Bioderms return in force. Can the four Tribes of man put aside their differences in order to fight together?

Draw inspiration from the 3D manuever gear sequences in Attack on Titan for the jetpack+skiing combat.

Two punks get their hand on Magic paintball guns, that shoot out paint in all forms.
It just goes from there...
Works for me.
dialog can be nothing but VTS though
I'd read/watch the shit out of this, but if you want it to be successful in Japan you'll have to either change MC into a generic schoolboy or make her a fan service character.

Moe/Clumsy would work for someone with that superpower.

No need to whore her out.
Moe/Clumsy is arguably a form of fanservice.

Then anything is a form of a fanservice.
And all the harem members are tsundere.
To an extent.
But haven't you noticed how instead of 'big-busted panty-flashing girls with no personality" we have "tiny clumsy helpless cute girls with no personality"? It's all the same thing.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

Keit-AI! Because, you know, they can communicate only through cell phones and it's a love story. Get it, get it?
File: 213213213213.PNG2313.png (305.25 KB, 2832x2522)
305.25 KB
305.25 KB PNG
File: no fucking way.gif (497.52 KB, 262x200)
497.52 KB
497.52 KB GIF
This plot has been posted before in another thread.
Just make it already.
Death Note thriller type story...but with phones and shit.

Call that phone and it explodes...

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