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What LNs have you been reading lately? Were the translations legible?

I've recently caught up to Hakomari. Second best LN I've read behind Kino.
Started DAL recently. I've finished Highschool DxD and Haganai, but that's the extent of it.
What else is good?
Owari no Chronicle and Ore no Ka-chan ga 17 ni natta.
Zaregoto. tfw, no readable translation ever. fucking nisio
Vol 7 when?
Hakomari's writer started something new right ?
Translation when
Is Baka-Tsuki epub page down or what?
File: Zashiki_v01_253.jpg (486.96 KB, 1108x1600)
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The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village

Super interesting.
I don't think it has been published yet.
He still has one volume of Hakomari to put out.
I'm in the middle of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. Like IS, just the mc is actually likeable.
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Currently reading Rengoku Hime. Pretty great shit.

Here's a part from the epilogue of the 2nd volume:

What you should know: Kanna's the protag. Mei and Kanna were going out. He pretended to be F, the leader of the Anti Leviathan faction.
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Volume 4 is pretty cool.
I love the writing in Strike the Blood, despite the fact that I think the premise is atrocious. Would I like other Mikumo works like Dantalian, ZKC, and Asura?
I think it only comes back in february
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Reading Fire Girl by Hoshizora Meteo.
I wish they adapted it instead of Sekai Seifuku.
Finished OreGairu and started S&W
Finishing Hakomari vol. 6 to start Tabi ni Deiyou.
Had plans for Tsukumodo, Antimagic Academy, and Asterisk. Also waiting for new Vanadis.
Is Fire Girl worth reading even if I don't generally like Type Moon works (talking specifically about Fate and Tsukihime)? I've had it sitting in my mountainous backlog ever since it came out but have other stuff prioritized over it.

I don't think it's going to go on for 20 volumes or whatever so it seems like it might be a fun quick read.
Anyone reading "The Rising of the Shield Hero"?
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Only read the spoilers. Seems amazing though.
File: 004.jpg (686.16 KB, 2767x2000)
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It has nothing to do with other Type-Moon works.

If you ever read any vn by Liar Soft, you should generally get the idea behind this series.

It's closer to Zvezda, than to his other works though.
Just finished the 10 volumes of Durarara and finished reading Tsukimonogatari. Was a pretty decent read.
Yeah, it didn't seem to give the impression of the TM stuff, which is why I even paid it any attention in the first place. I'm loving Sekai Seifuku so far, so that's reassuring.

Are there any decent scans of it? I only first heard the name a couple weeks ago, but any fantasy LN instantly goes on my list of things to at least check out.

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