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Are there any good alternatives to Taiga on Linux, /a/?
Holy shit I've forgotten all about it. How do you add anime here again?
You fill in your anime list on MAL and then sync your account up to Taiga by entering your username and password. Whenever you watch an episode (provided Taiga is running), it will automatically update your list for you.

It's so useful (especially since MAL seems to have some sort of bug where it keeps losing your log-in state every few days), but they only have a Windows version of it.
Wait, you can't add anime directly via Taiga?
Guess I'm forever stuck with MAL:U.
>Wait, you can't add anime directly via Taiga?
I'm pretty sure you can, but I can't test it out anymore since I'm no longer on Windows.
Make a Python script to do the same thing.
Yep, doesn't look like rocket science, just check the payload from MAL, or be even lazier and use selenium[1] to do the operations.
Next all you need to do is check the headers from the video archive and use them to fill MAL's forms. Lastly, integrate the script with your preferred movie player through some plugin.
Also you don't even need an UI if you wanna keep track of what the program is doing just make it spit its actions to dmesg
It's retarded to even have a UI for something like this. MAL is the UI
You use the search bar.

I was actually looking for something like Taiga for Manga, as I really like the UI and auto updating for anime. I ended up starting to write it myself with Qt. It actually wasn't that hard replicating the Taiga UI, though getting it polished and handling errors nicely takes a while.
so why would I use Taiga over MAL Updater?
Yeah, it would be great if there was something similar for manga, but I think it'd be really hard to implement. Probably hard enough that it wouldn't be worth the effort.

The UI isn't shit.
the pic in op seems like it looks pretty much the same
If you mean Taiga, she's not a part of the UI
thats sad. anyway, looks like I am quite the faggot. I downloaded it to see what the fuss is about and while I wouldnt say the UI is any better, it seems like it has a bunch of features that malu doesnt that I would like to continue using, so I will be making the switch.
The problem with manga is that you don't have the player to check and autoupdate. Filenames are a mess in manga, and even then, most of the time, it would have to check the folder. Also, most people use online readers, and there's a fuckton of them. Configuring something like that seems like a hell of a work, and even then, it probably would be hard to make it recognize when you've finished the chapter (not that it really matters, since once you've started it, I guess you'd keep going until you finish).
I use MALu, and the default skin looks a lot like that, without the taiga.
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I don't think it's harder than writing any other desktop program that communicates with a server. I was just saying that getting all the corner cases is hard, but it could still be a functional program.

I already have list downloading, information page, updating chapters, checking available chapters, automatic detection that you are reading a chapter in an image viewer.

I was thinking if you wanted to replicate Taiga using cross platform tools it wouldn't be too bad. I might even do it at some point so I can expand upon it easier (Win32 API code is a pain to read and work on).
Just curious, but what features are you talking about?

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