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I was scrolling through the first page of /a/ and I see no Naruto. Finally caught up to the last episode on crunchyroll and I just have to say that Kishimoto has really outdone himself with this series.

Thoughts and opinions fellow /a/nons?
I have a few ideas about the things like how Hidans immortality through forbidden jutsu fits into the narutoverse as well as kakazu's earth grudge fear jutsu really works that I'd love to discuss with some dedicated fans.

Naruto General
I think you're trying too hard.
I remember when naruto trolls were hardcore.
Pretty elaborated bait.
I'm just trying to see if anyone has any actual true genuine interest in the series. I have a lot of insight on the metaphysics of the world and studied episodes to reveal the true nature of some of the most unexplained ninjutsu.

If theres anyone naruto bros out here who really wanna have a good convo, thats waht im lookiing for
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so close
shut up
shamless self bump
Tripfag pls. I don't even know why I still try to defend you guys.
Eh? Nandatte?
I don't need defending kty.

I'm entirely serious. If you're interested then let me know. I haven't had a good conversation in anyone who actually knows about the more intricate levels of the narutoverse
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>intricate levels of the narutoverse
>Implying you know metaphysics.
Having participated in a naruto roleplay where the nature of ninjutsu are constantly being brought into question to assess various situations for 8 years now, yes, I do feel like I'm an expert on the metaphysics.

If you open your eyes, you'll find that everythings not as simple as "It's just magic, I aint gotta explain shit". What I'm talking about are the correlations between some of the most power forbidden ninjutsu which are often left unexplained in how they actually work. Through these correlations, you can speculate the mechanics that dictate how they manage to exist in the naruto universe which is something that Kishimoto hasn't really gone into himself. I'm hoping that the next manga based in the narutoverse (confirmed that he's actually doing that, and that it wont be based around Naruto as main character. Not sure what he'll call it though) that Kishimoto delves into these topics further, much as how Legend of Korra did for the Avatar the Last Airbender.

>"I was scrolling through the first page"

You tried. 3/10 for effort.
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Shit guys, we've got an expert in our realm.
I'll actually give this joker an 8/10. Had a pretty good laugh and the posts pretty convincing. Haven't seen a Narutard of this level of quality for quite a while.

Yes, I agree. Naruto is a profound series. Do go on and share your wisdom.

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