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so what are you watching lately /a/? how is it?
catching up with hunter x hunter

its 10/10
Toradora,its like shit,will it get better after ep.10 please someone say yes
Ergo Proxy, started out great but now it's all "humans who can turn into super saiyans" etc and it is becoming too generic for me. Same thing happened with SNK. I wish anime would stop doing this.

Pino is one of the cutest lolis of all time tho
if you don't like it by now, you won't, sorry
Watching Gintama, bretty nice so far.
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mikakunin de shinkoukei
... I'm still catching up on last season's stuff.

I haven't really seen anything in particular from this season that screamed "Watch me". Maybe I'll even go back and try watching Votoms.
Watching Mononoke.

Is it only me or is the demon cat arc in ayakashi the best arc.
Rewatching Psycho Pass.
Nearing the end of Spice and Wolf II.
Behind on Nisekoi and Chuuni S2.
Snail pacing through Non Non Biyori, an episode whenever I feel like healing.
Up to latest episodes on Golden Time and Sakura Trick.
May pick up Hamatora and/or Noragami.
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>what are you watching
The Tatami Galaxy and Aria S1 at the moment. My only problem is pausing every few seconds to read subs in Tatami. Aria is peaceful as fark.
I've been going through His and Her Circumstances at less than one episode a day. I enjoy it but I'm not in the mood to watch it often.
>Highschool DxD
It's getting better I guess. Boring slow start and I thought I was going to drop it, but managed to slog through.
I just got done watching the twelfth episode of Victory Gundam. Jesus Christ, it's depressing.
Finishing last season what i have left and starting to checkout new season so far i like Chu2, Nisekoi, Sakura trick, SYD2, Zvezda, Wake up girls.

What else is good this season?
>watching Votoms
I'm watching this one, it kind of slow at first, but it has a lot of action and mystery as it goes on.
Totally recomendable.
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It's cool.
>Finishing up Hyouka
not really sure how i feel about it honestly, some episodes grasp me and others just feel like they drone on and on.
>Starting either watamote or zero no tsukaima today
we'll see.

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