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It was ok.
It was comfy.
hard to find a decent torrent for it.
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Eh could have used more QUADS.
Kino no tabi represents the episodic "wanderer" anime being done correctly, whilst Mushishi represents it consistently done poorly. Overall, Kino no Tabi is a fantastic anime, and Mushishi is mediocre, or dare I even say terrible.

Although both have fairly similar goals, the episodes in Kino no Tabi have consistent thematic content and explore different facets of culture, humanity and indeed identity. Mushishi, by contrast features "just another problem" each week.

In Kino no Tabi, the backstory, allows us to view the motivations, purpose and values and attitudes of "Kino", which frequently cause questioning about the character- many questions which are subtly answered through decisions made by the character throughout the story.

Mushishi, by contrast, leaves Ginko as a shadow, and we learn very little about him. Although back story is provided, it simply labels him as his occupation and never involves questioning it, and we learn why his hair is white.

Kino is frequently seen saying "that was scary, I thought it was over" or refers themselves to a traveller frequently, suggesting the way people cling to labels, and indeed their identity.

Kino no tabi has superior thematic content
Superior character development (particularly of the protagonist)
It also has a much stronger underlying message.

Kino no Tabi is a masterpiece.

Mushishi is not.
I, what?
I, well ok

Ill have to check it out then.
what the fuck, image wouldn't appear.
Don't rush it.
You do realize they both set out to do different things right? There's no point in comparing them as it's merely apples and oranges.
It's just a copypasta, anon.
I figured. And one that was made for the Kino mod, I'd imagine.
I replied figuring it'd cause a discussion though.

Tears when I saw this in the OVA.
I can't wait for the new episodes.

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