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Someone explain this shit to me.

So tenchi muyo anime had about 20 episodes. On episode 13 you've got the king of jurai saying 'NEXT TIME GADGET, NEXT TIME.' This was in 1995.

Don't fuck all happen until 2003, when episode 14-20 gets released, then we start seeing characters that come out of fucking nowhere, who've apparently had big plans to screw up tenchis life. Then there's absolutely no reference to the previous 13 episodes, like none of it happened or something , and suddenly he's got a fucking sister who's like 80 (which makes no fucking sense whatso ever because Dad is like, what, 45-50? So then mom had to have had a first husband and that doesn't make any sense either because dad knows about her) and then we find out mom died of senility or old age or whatever and that she was like 200 or some shit. You don't even see Jurai king. He doesn't get his revenge or whatever, he doesn't even put a foot back on earth!

AND THEN the real kicker comes in: None of these episodes make any goddamn sense. Not in the traditional anime sense (which is usually full of plot armor and SUPER SAYAN 80 shit) but in the whole "okay wait you were just doing this then you died then you came back to life no wait now you're in a space ship no wait now you've got a gun where did you get the gun' kind of shit. Don't even get me started on how fucking susami, who has no fucking powers like Ayeka aside from Tsunami which she wasn't in her Tsunami form, beats some sort of high class galaxy police I don't even know what the fuck is going on goddamn I'm gonna go lie down.

I kid you not, I skipped an entire episode because it did the above. They just go fucking EVERYWHERE and they don't stay on fucking track.

Here's some of the shit I'm talkin about

Ep 14: Ryoko treats ryo ohki like her kid, which is goddamn adorable. This is the only time you see it happening.


Ep 16: Fiance turns out to be a spy who has basically stated she'd kill everyone if she thought it was necessary. Everyone is OK with it and Ryoko has not tried to rip her heart out.

Ep 17: Something weird happens to Mihoshi (which I'm fucking dying to know what it is) and so we're off to murder some poor kid. No wait Grama Jurai is here for some reason. No wait now were under attack using separate dimension technology that only washu has but no wait so does everyone else apparently

Ep 18: A little girl beat a super assasin and tried to capture or kill them? I dunno but now we're drinking sake together. FRIENDS FOREVER! (but the ending was cute at least.)

Ep 19: This is the one I skipped. I turned it to the next episode after that fucking flashback...

Ep 20: I need to lie down again

The last 14-20 episodes were fucking TERRIBLE. I mean, worse than fucking GXP. Fucking awful. What the fuck did the writers forget about the material they had in 1995 or what? Goddamn that shit makes my head spin its so awful. Was this suppose to be a whole nother series or something? But then why does it reference the first 13 episodes?

tl;dr what the fuck happened to tenchi muyo after episode 13???
>But then why does it reference the first 13 episodes?
in flashbacks*
You realize it was all just advertising for the novel, right?

Also I think your number is wrong. Wasn't it 7 episodes, then a few more, then the story restarts for 26 episodes, then it restarts again? Also some movies and the Pretty Sammy thing.

It's been a long time but that's how I remember it. Also either of us could have looked at wikipedia for the answers.
Well you've got tenchi muyo, episodes 1-13, then tenchi universe, then tenchi in tokyo, and then they finish up tenchi muyo, only counting TV shows. If I'm missing episodes it would explain why I'm so fucking confused.
then there's also loads of other materials that the original author put out that some people consider cannon.

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