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The real question is though...

would you a Yuno?
If she promised to be on her best behaviour and not kill my family. Also she has to cook and clean.
No because she's the bad kind of yandere
I'm tired of living anyway. What's the worst that could happen?
File: crazyface.png (699.11 KB, 1071x720)
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699.11 KB PNG
It's pretty easy to shutdown a yandere's murder tendencies by just smothering them with affection till they almost think you're the crazy fucker.
I would abuse a Yuno.
File: Gasai.Yuno.full.1531015.jpg (759.80 KB, 1600x1200)
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Would love tenderly.
File: 1386914444322.jpg (71 KB, 336x370)
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Why not, she would never kill her true love, its all banter when its about you. As far as i can tell she is a perfect tool and lover if you make sure she knows you're on the same level.
What if I had two Yunos?
ive heard of a phrase that goes "dont stick your dick in crazy" but in this case, i would with pleasure. dont care who she kills, as long as she gets away and it doesnt get pinned on me. as long as i am happy with her, i dont care about her flaws, if she even has any.

>He goes after he bikini top instead of fondling her.

Protag was SO GAY.

Also how fucking lazy was Yuno to not burying the corpses? She invited his ass over and knew those shits were there.
I've come to a point when I just dont give a shit, Im tired of being alone, to have no one besides my bed, but at the same time tired of 'normal' or average girls, the poser hipsters and all sorts of emptyheads that I usually deal with (I lift and shit so I have little more then zero chances)

sage for early morning blogfaggotry, sorry.
File: 34986487.jpg (973.22 KB, 733x1052)
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Do you remember any series where the MC is able to control yandere through saying right things to her when it's needed?
Like, not bitching out and telling her not to stick her nose into your business when she's jealous because you talk to you friends, but convince her that she shouldn't worry about such unimportant things because ultimately she is the one who matters the most to you.
The only one I remember is Gundam ZZ, but it was shit for the most part.
Yuno will always protect me.

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