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>[OLDFOGEYS] Sekai Seifuku - Bouryaku no Zvezda - 01 [480p].mkv

Now with singable (and karaoked) ending lyrics!
I'll wait for the superior 144p.
Cancer of /a/ sings when?
Make it happen
Why are deliberately bad fansubs making a come back? Are people nostalgic for the old days? Is it just hipsterism?

/a/ sings is dead. It died with Bedford.

Many people have tried to step up and fill the void since then with varying results. But no one knew how to organize and edit like he did.
Modern fansubs are obnoxious, the community surrounding them is obnoxious. The circlejerking around modern fansubbing is obnoxious.

Fansubbing is dead, why not have some fun?
File: 1382890053548.png (635.26 KB, 1366x768)
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thats what they said about crunchyroll

it killed fansubbing
The old days were no less drama-ridden or obnoxious, you still had fansub groups bitching at each other and circlejerking in their IRCs.

At least now we get high quality releases. I can't go back to SD now.
>it killed fansubbing
And trust me anon, that's a good thing.

True but in those days there were no alternatives. If they didn't do it, nobody would. And you'd be either watching it raw or not watching it at all.

Mostly the latter.
>but in those days there were no alternatives
How does that make it better though? The old days were shit.
you like sissy? I can't believe it
Now there are alternatives. Now we get most shows same day as Japan, not a few days down the line, not a week down the line. Same fukken day. Don't even have to wait for the drama to clear.
This, I still remember avoiding /a/ for days until subs came out because EVERY MOTHERFUCKER DOWNLOADED THE RAWS AND PLASTERED SPOILERS.

It did curb shitposting a bit though.
>yellow subs
>completely serious

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