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face book ReviveAnimaniacs

After Return Of The Joker, TMS was not in the same place it was during the 80s & 90s, they were out shadowed by the likes of Gainax & KyoAni and when Ramen Fighter Miki was great & Green Lantern First Flight was a power up for the studio, TMS needs the only thing to get back their industry, and that a 6th season of Animaniacs, and it will do just that.

Some people at ToonZone what TMS dead, saying things like.

"No, just no. That ship has long since sailed. One only needs to look at the later Detective Conan episodes and the post Osamu Dezaki Lupin III specials to see what a terrible idea an Animaniacs revival would be. I'd much rather see TMS progress forward with more magic make over shows like LilPri and Aikatsu and concepts like that with that same level of quality than just see them try to bring back old ideas from the past. Animaniacs was a great show, but it's done now. I say leave it be and move on."

But a thing like that will make TMS go out of business, please support them, outsourcing for Bones' Dandy is a great start & Z/X is better then Superman Vs The Elite, so please.

Save TMS before they end up going out of business!
Why should we care? Why bring it here?
I'd rather not, they'll fail if they try to localize Aikatsu. And LilPri is your best example?
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Pls stop, Famicom.
But the Ponies did so well, how much do they need to edit to get a US airing (let alone a TV-PG rating) on The Hub?

TMS only did LilPri because of how much money TMS lost on First Flight, plus LilPri & Aikatsu are both in the same camps.
>better than anything
I heard TMS worked on Chuunibyou Ren #3.
>how much money TMS lost on First Flight,
And how much is that?
I'm not him.

Also, if you need to know why LilPri & Aikatsu are wasted talent, TMS is manly a comedy studio doing things like funny rabbits & puppy like things, when TMS made the Telecom unit back in the 70s, they mainly were doing comedies and most of the Lupin III series 2 episodes they did were comedies when the other 2 were done by Miyazaki, this really becanme the setting stone when Miyazaki & Takahata left Telecom & Toshihiko Masuda & Kenji Hachizaki take over their units, they have done their action efforts like Akira & Feat Of Clay Part 2, but comedy was their gift, from Wuzzles to Return Of The Joker TMS was on top of the world, but after that it was not the same; Shows like LilPri and Aikatsu limit what TMS' crew can do and shows like that will be better off at Studio Comet, not TMS.

Also if I will ever were to run into him, why will I tell him to stop his efforts? He is the one who got the TMS subcontractors info (thank some what to 2ch) on so many shows that were before hand, were left unlisted. Famicom did what he have to do for all of us, let him do his business.
KyoAni dose not outsource to anyone but their units in Osaka & Seoul; Unless KyoAni is doing that badly after Kyōkai no Kanata that they need help for Chuunibyou Ren season 2, but I doubt it.

Anime News Network dose not have a key animators list for any of the episodes, link me to a list and I will see if any TMS staff members show up.
>Miyazaki & Takahata left Telecom

I think they worked at Toei before they left to form Ghibli.
TMS at the time it came out made $5.6 million off of it from US DVD sales, a extra $3.8 million for US Blu-ray sales, and another $5.4 million counting the rest of North America and Download sales, $14.8 million dollars in total), TMS lost $63.2 million US dollars from it.
Weeaboo, whats the matter with you?
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You wear a disguise
to look like japanime guys,
But you're not Asian,
You're a weeaboo.
Back in the 60s, yes, but they left Toei to go work at TMS' A-Productions (Moomin, Lupin III series 1, Panda Go Panda) because they wanted more money, and Toei said no, so they left, after A-Pro, they whent to Nippon Animation to do parts of The World Masterpiece Theater & Future Boy Conan before going over to Telecom doing Cagliostro, Sherlock Hound & early drafts of Nemo before Miyazaki & Takahata left Telecom to hijack Topcraft into Ghibli.
2ch & http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MerchandiseDriven
>KyoAni dose not outsource to anyone but their units in Osaka & Seoul

They outsourced to Studio Pierrot in 2011.
>credible sources
I think that was for the K-On Movie and that was only for the backgrounds.
and for painting and for inbetweens
It was from credible posters.

yeah dude 76 million dollar budget or whatever
I forgot about that; I checked up on Anime News Network, and your right on that one.
You're talking to Mr Famicom, can't you tell by his posting style.
But he said he's not Famicom, why would he lie?
I dunno. Still waiting for his response to someone who actually worked on First Flight saying their budgets are 3mil.
Thats for the Korean ditched cheapquels, Japan's efforts cost alot more.

It's not from him.
I'm also not him either.
This dude literally did storyboards on First Flight. I'm pretty sure he knows more than you.

Your insistence that you aren't Mr Famicom is comical but come the fuck on man.
File: Wasp Puns.jpg (28.94 KB, 498x449)
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Another day, another stupid shit /co/ tries to convince us we really care about.

I mean, after the wakfu shit, and the christams shit, and those times you try to stortime shit here, one would think you'd understand.
Famicom before he was baned from ToonZone E-Mailed TMS about the budgets and Kazuhide Tomonaga who worked on the movie responded back and said that the budget is right.

TMS dose not do cheapquels, a budget of a cheapquel is a director's pay check, thats how expensive TMS is!
You are Famicom.

TMS is not that expensive.
Most if not all of the US boards of First Flight were tosted out and were re done by TMS' own staff.

Also, thats the pre-production budget; Other wise, why did TMS do LilPri then?
>Most if not all of the US boards of First Flight were tosted out and were re done by TMS' own staff.
Citation needed.
Why does any studio do anything? Dunno, let me ask them.

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