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Why did a thread discussing a series get deleted?

NNB thread
IRC, pls.
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Different anon
It was a troll OP so idiots reported it.
Meanwhile blog about your fetish threads hit bump limit.
The mod must've been some assblasted Non Non fan.

The source is pretty godly. The animation was pretty shitty. All you needed for this show to be good was money, really. There really isn't any other way to fuck up an adaptation of such a good manga besides not animating much at all.

Greato fucking job, Shitty Link.
I don't expect much from anime fans. Most of them are ignorant kids. I don't consider /a/ "the best place to talk about anime on the internet" anymore. Just use the Catalog and ignore bad threads.
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I don't really think it even was necessarily a troll OP

It just posed a legitimate query immediately, the same thing I've been wondering as well.
The huge popularity for something that is little better than other series of the same caliber
Then compared it to what's considered the finest example of it's genre by many people here

Sounds pretty legit to me
Well, the genre in question isn't very good (actually anime as a whole isn't very good, but whatever). NNB was done better than most. It's easily in my top 5 of cute slice of life.
Pretty sure the thread got deleted because of
>Do /v/ermin who only seen like 5 anime think its god tier SoL or something?

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