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Does anyone know how much shitstorm there was when DBZ first aired in the US?

Watching DBZ from start to finish again and it still keeps me hooked from start to finish. There would probably be massive levels of shitposting here if DBZ aired today instead of 1990s.
You know how much everyone keeps posting about naruto?
'Bout the same.

Yes, that's true, but in the 90's there were no normalfags on the web, so most people would avoid that and keep to ranma and the like.

Ranma best babe.
DBZ's "fillers" wasn't as painful as slogging through Naruto's fillers.

Garlic Jr saga was actually really cool even without Goku

captcha: animoon scripturis
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>mfw I realized Goku wasn't actually coming back and the other Z fighters had to do everything on their own

my favorite filler arc by far
I remember back when I watched Goku going SSJ3 for the first time, and being super hyped up about it, even though I knew it was really silly.

Looking back on it now, the sillyness of the Buu arc made Buu all that more terrifying. He turns people into fucking candy and eats them, and if the bit where Gogeta gets candified was any indication, the people actually retain consciousness during it.

That's pretty fucking horrifying, really.
Agreed. I think the creepiest thing was when Cell was first introduced. The music and Piccolo watching cell absorbed the human with his tail. Imperfect Cell was scary.

DBZ aired in like 2000 in Canada, and took like 5 years to finish with about 1 new episode a month. Fucking shitty Canadian TV.
The music was the best. I fucking loved Cell's imperfect theme.

*Imperfect Cell's theme
What is grammar?
That fighting candy scene was beautiful. Too bad we'll never see anything like it ever.
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Favorite filler ever. Of all time.
Ha, in Poland we had 3 new episodes per weekday in the afternoon, with 3 episodes from the previous day shown in the morning. This meant 15 new episodes per week, shown without commercials and breaks from the first episode of Dragon Ball all the way to GT. It was all dubbed over by a single monotone guy with original voices in the background, but you eventually got used to it. Also, original Jap OP/EDs.
DBZ filler WAS pretty good. That driving episode will live on forever. Even the 10 day period before the Cell Games were enjoyable to watch.

I guess enjoyment of filler is relative to how much you want the plot to advance. In a series like Naruto, where most people are... watching it for the story, I guess, filler episodes are extremely boring, because you know they're wasting time on totally irrelevant matters when there's a MUCH more interesting plot that you'd rather see.

DBZ, on the other hand, has good fights AND character interaction. They can make 3 minutes of filler trash talking interesting. Watching how your favorite characters react to different scenarios makes for an enjoyable experience. It's why there are so many "DBZ character does this while other character reacts in this way" videos on YouTube.

Nobody gives a shit about Naruto angrily grunting about finding Sasuke for the 20th time. The characters are bland, with the only "interesting" thing being the DARKNESS that gives the important characters power. That way, you can self-insert your angsty teenage self into the characters' shoes. "Nobody understands this darkness within me, but I'm SOOOO SPECIAL".

I'll admit, I still read Naruto, but it's for story development. I just want to see how it ends. The characters are bland archetypes, and many are poorly-written. Wow Sakura, you're crying about how useless you've always been AGAIN. Oh boy, you say you're gonna change. Let's see how long it lasts this time.

At least with DBZ, it's fun to watch the characters.
What is being a sperglord?
Was that like a pirate channel or something? What kinds of broadcast standards did you guys have?
I think DBZ was on YTV in late 1997 or 1998. Sailor Moon was on it in like 1995.


dat website
Imagine Yamcha's death today.
I can't remember the exact station but it aired on a regular channel so most likely perfectly legal (I think it was called RTL or something). The only difference I remember between those and the US showings were that the US ones had higher color contrast and saturation, but otherwise they were pretty much the same quality wise.
YTV has truly gone to shit, and it hurts every time I think about it.
I always kinda wished that imperfect cell was the final tranformation instead.

The whole inhuman quality is what made his character design fascinating.

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