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You're in an anime.
It's called /a/

What do you do?
You start off at a school.

I'll tell you what I do,
I find the cutest girl and I blush and don't say hi.

That's what I do.
But we're all girls here, /a/non. And girls can't love girls.
I boke and/or tsukkomi.

It's the only way I'm going to survive.
Let me tell you two useful pieces of information.

1. Girls can love girls.

2. You're in an anime right now.
I die without being killed.
Probably be the same as real life. The only thing MC about me is that I make friends really easy. Which isn't beta enough to be lead in Harem anime or Shinji, nor Alpha enough to be a hero character.
What >>100762382 said. Just to be clear, I'm a little girl like normal right?

I think I'll get scolded for being ditzy fool around with my friends in class and go to a cake store after school to eat cake and drink tea.
Also forgot that I barely know Japanese, so I would probably have trouble communicating.
I would sit in the second chair to the back by the window for that MC position.
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I make it rain.
They can now. Japan legalized forbidden love this season.
If I wasn't as much as a grimdark fuck as OP's pic,
and I had to be a girl?
I'd probably be a ... well..
I want to be everything. boke, yandere, tsundere..

I can't fucking choose.

God damn ANIME IS GREAT fucking love anime dont you love anime fuck yeah i do

fucking love anime
I become the slightly deformed kid in the back.
I want to be the autistic character too

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