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Do all of you faggots watch cartoons because you think the girls are hot? Seriously, I've seen better anime than the shit posted here on fucking youtube. All of you have shit tier taste. Waifu's, seriously? Is it abnormal now to watch anime for the good plot and action? And yes, I'm going to use the most hated anime to prove you guys all have shit taste.
>great to good animation
>a lot of fights are actually tactical and intelligent (shikamaru)
>large intertwined plot
>anime that matured with it's audience
>fully realized and interesting world
>unique and imposing characters
>characters can die, and there are some brutal moments
There are many downsides, like naruto having only one attack, sasuke x naruto faggotry, and oh god the fillers. But at least it beats the gay unrealistic "beta gets all the hotgirls" bullshit you watch where you jack off to the thought of being the mc.
And anyone that likes highschool of the dead is retarded, it's just a porno with the plot of a porno. If anyone responds with that gay copypasta it essentially is an admission of defeat btw.
You'd catch more people if you at least bothered to change the image...
Oh boy here we go again trying to get blood from a stone.
File: 1386835964743.gif (259.56 KB, 266x207)
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259.56 KB GIF
Cool story, op.
2/10 since I replied.
I know he's baiting, but he actually has a point. If you watch wish fulfillment harem anime, you're the lowest of the lowest scum
>wish fulfillment
Using this shit on /a/ is good indicator of being crossboarder newfag.
>I've seen better anime than the shit posted here on fucking youtube
Even trolls become lazy.
This is my favorite type of troll thread. You wanna know why it pisses people off? Because it's true. When you take someones addiction and essentially prove they're bad at the only thing they do, and then they can't even make a logical reply guarding their position, that's just fucking hilarious. Lol, naruto the anime I watched when I was nine still beats your so called god-tier anime you fucking fedora neckbeards! LoloOLOLOLOLOL XD XD LMAO ROFL #$werve u mad, et mad Brute?

>defending Harem anime
>thinking they're anything but wish fulfillment
>calling others newfags

Looks like someone hit a nerve
I self insert as the girl, faggot.
Naruto is on the level of haremshit but moeshit is clearly superior.

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