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Hey /a/, I hate anime, for the most part. I have friends though that like anime and I think it's something I might start getting into.
But my friends keep recamending me anime that I just don't like after watching.
Two animes I do like and have watched are

>Attack on Titan

So can you help like anime /a/?
>pic related, the only "anime" style pic I have, only because of Fire Emblem.
Stick to /v/. No one wants you here.
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Try Boku no Pico.
Shut up faggot, I don't care what you want.
watch Boku no pico with your friends, It's a cult classic, suitable for all ages and all tastes, a must watch
This. The stuff you were recommended before was baby's first anime shit, but Boku no Pico is great, as long as you don't mind a little bit of fanservice and nudity.
Normally I wouldn't have replied at all, but you posted Lucina, so I will.

A lot of people jokingly recommend Boku no Pico, but it's actually really good. One of the best animated works of its genre in a quite a while. The thing is, you have to be into shotacon to appreciate it, but it's definitely a great gateway anime into some of the more obscure stuff.
You forgot to also recommend Bible Black. Totally underrated work.
Yeah, that's a good place to go after BnP. It's a little bit advanced though, which is why I didn't recommend it.
If you enjoyed watamote you will most likely love welcome to the NHK.

Also here's a tip , never ask /a/ for recommendations. It's worse than /v/ for recommendations , 90% of all responses will be bocu no pico.
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