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File: wutang+png.png (102.67 KB, 1585x1122)
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102.67 KB PNG
Would you watch a slice of life anime about the Wu-Tang Clan?
File: scoutfeel.jpg (23.71 KB, 380x350)
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23.71 KB JPG
scout ;_;
Only if Ghostface is kawaii as fuck
can't be done cause wu tang AINT NOTHIN TO FUCK WIT
Nigga that's a given.
S-Sempai!! W-When you go out out make sure to p-protect ya neck!
>U-God causing constant drama by trying to assassinate RZA
>GZA trying to teach the Clan about astrophysics
>Method Man being so weed-wasted that he's basically just furniture
>Raekwon's never seen on screen, just heard yelling from a back room that's constantly venting fumes
>Inspectah Deck framing Masta Killa for everything that goes missing in the house
>Ghostface moonlighting as a neighborhood watchman/vigilante and never tells any of them about his midnight adventures
>Cappadonna keeps showing up unannounced right around dinnertime, carrying the embalmed head of Ol' Dirty, which he talks to constantly and in public

Fund it.
File: image.jpg (391.59 KB, 751x1024)
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391.59 KB JPG
depends on whether or not they bring da ruckus.
File: 1386179767519.jpg (363.91 KB, 720x660)
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363.91 KB JPG
I would instantly watch the fucking shit out of it. No question
File: 1390274656495.png (194.31 KB, 478x380)
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194.31 KB PNG
>Dirt's head will roll away and conveniently stop under girl's skirts
yea i'd watch the shit out of that
File: 1390247940107.jpg (111.28 KB, 500x648)
111.28 KB
111.28 KB JPG
Gza is mai waifu
So essentially a show about brown lolis being simultaneously thug and moe as fuck?
Ol' Dirty is best girl
If you are thug enough it becomes moe.
>Rza & Gza try to start a chess club at their high school.
>Student council says they need at least 9 members to start a new club and receive a clubroom and budget.

I'd watch it.
>AH! JIGGA-SAN! You surprised me!
Does Yeezy get a guest appearance? Does Jigga get his magical Gangsta powers back for that episode and team up with Yeezy? Do they go HAM? The tension is killing me. They either need to translate the source material or go a head and make Season 2.
>MethodChan brings everybody some cupcakes she made with her mom.

>Space cupcakes. Ticaaaaaal.

>They notice Ghost-kun is always reading textbooks diligently in class.

>There's a Shonen Jump inside it.

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