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Time for a post-mortem /a/

What went wrong?
Not enough rape
What DIDN'T go wrong?
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The entire fucking plotline.
The ending
>Green jelly aliens
>Who was kid Haruto/El Erfu hybrids parents?
>No ThundaXAkira ending
>Satomi won the drills
>Shoko a shit

This. How could they have been slated for a 2 cour run and planned the plot progression so poorly?
it went wrong from ep 2 when it was shown that shoko lives.

dark, broody, hot blooded, emotional and useless MC + cold, calculating, alpha and highly useful L-elf duality would've been a much stronger premise.
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The cast (minus Haruto of course) was the only thing that kept me watching. It was good in an otherwise mediocre show. It is a shame they were all not put in better anime.


Though they didn't do a bad job with Shoko either
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I tried my hardest to like this show I really did, but terrible characters, bad writing, and just general terrible plot just ruined it for me.

I knew I should've dropped it when they introduce the whole Assassins/Templars - Vampires/Illuminati conflict bullshit.

> Assassins/Templars

What? Did we watch the same show?

But yes, it was a disappointment.
It's one of those shows that's fun to watch with people while it's coming out, but you would never bother recommending to anyone.
It was a metaphor anon. What I meant is that the true "antagonists" were just really cliche' "Must protect humanity from itself" kind of backwards bullshit done over and over again kind of thing.
You don't stop making What went wrong? threads. Now fuck off to /v/ and kill yourself.
I'm kind of annoyed they had to kill cute glasses girl to get some character development going
It tried too much and became too little.
The intros were nice though...

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