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Why doesn't she use her powers to make the world a better place.

A shapechanger would be nigh untraceable and extremely powerful.

She could impersonate any major world leader down to their DNA.

She could fuck some major shit up.
Because she's just a cute little girl that wants to be lovey dovey with her crush, not some shapeshifter straight out of a videogame that wants to see the world burn.
But there's so much untapped potential.

She has the power to crush China by impersonating key members of the Government.

She could take over the goddamned world.
But why would she want to do that if she has everything she wants?
Has friends, has family and is friends with gods, she just needs to get together with her crush and she'll have the perfect life.

No need to mess with the government or anything.
Because she could change the world for the better.
She is a little girl. In high school.
Do you think most high schoolers would have a decent grasp of the things they could accomplish normally if they could stay focused, let alone given special powers?
It's like you don't even watch magical girl animu's.
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I dunno, if I was a shapeshifter all I'd do is touch myself. That's the real untapped potential.

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