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Can we have an idiotic MC thread, where we talk about MCs YOU thought were pretty stupid? Now, I don't mean we have to insult them, you can but, it's more like we marvel at how stupid these motherfuckers can get while still being watchable.

I'll start it off with someone who I personally thought was downright silly sometimes.
any battle shounen MC
File: reiukoo.jpg (222.91 KB, 1916x1080)
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I don't really dislike her but I question some of her choices, honestly.
It seems like being an idiot appeals to a large crowd of people, for some reason. Maybe they feel smart or something?
File: satumikabuto.jpg (10.40 KB, 279x291)
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This, while being a pretty rational guy, seemed to really miss some important things. Or maybe he just wanted to ignore them.
What comes to mind is the aspie from Welcome to the NHK
The one in the OP?
The MC of any harem ever made.
That's a requirement, mate. Otherwise the shown would be over in 3 episodes.
I'm watching this now and I can't really feel sympathy for this man.
Oh and Haruto, Haruto definitely. He didn't even feel like the main character sometimes. I'll this though, his last fight was respectable.
I've heard of this before, is it any good, in your opinion?
>I'll start it off with someone who I personally thought was downright silly sometimes.
I think that's kind of the point of the entire show
Yeah, I get that, I do. But don't you think they took it a bit far with sometimes? I mean really, you don't have to make him THAT dense. But, if you say so, Anon, it does work at times.
It's the latter. That's what you get when you combine tsundere with unreliable narrator.
Not sure about Kaiji.
What did he do that was particularly stupid?
He has autism or something so obviously he cant interact with people well it like when he had a panic attack in college.
File: colorful.jpg (89.50 KB, 610x320)
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>That glasses girl likes you, be nicer your douche
>Your mom made a mistake and is trying her hardest to correct it, you douche
>She's a whore by definition, let her go you douche! You have a cutey after you already!
>They're doing it for you, say "thank you" you douche!
>You hair looks stupid now
At least it implies heavily that he gets it together at the end and I guess if he wasn't troubled the movie wouldn't have been as interesting.
That was their literal intention. I found his antics enjoyable, even if very very sad to watch
My main problem with him was that he didn't really seem to understand how the world worked, or himself, to a disturbing degree like, he was a new born child or something. But, that was the point, like >>100752800 said he was a hikkimori, so really, I guess I should be impressed that they were able to craft their character just as they wanted to. So yeah, I guess if that was their intention then great, but he was still pretty stupid, intended or not, and this thread is for him and idiots like him.
we need a show where the harem owner is killed if he sleeps with a girl to excuse his ability to stay untouched after 13 episodes.

the excuse that come to mind are:
-cardiac MC
-cast of 5 yanderes who clearly show it to the MC
-cast of vore monster girls

if someone have an other idea he can share it with us
he clearly was trying his hard to end with his sempai or the cute little autistic girl.
he didn't bieleve in or said the bullshit you find in animes
he's clearly smarter than most anime characters.
the only probleme is his bipolar/social disorders
>he's clearly smarter than most anime characters
I'm sorry, I can't agree with this.
File: 1390304750710.jpg (146.54 KB, 1000x563)
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146.54 KB JPG
I shouldn't have to explain this. He is taking the cake for the moment.
File: lelouch.jpg (32.97 KB, 640x440)
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One of the most overrated MCs in anime. Fucking hate him.
Is Satou really an idiot as much as he is really unstable?

I mean, he does suffer from vivid hallucinations and has made at least one failed suicide attempt.
Not exactly wacky protagonist antics.
The Yandere harem bit was already done in an anime that I don't want to say the name of.
The cardiac one...that reminds me of Katawa Shoujo, where Hisao's arrhythmia always puts him at risk during or after sex scenes.
>cant feel sympathy for an avoidant
are you in the right place?
There's a manga like this, it's pretty good.
I'm just jealous of him, that's all, so I can't feel sorry for him.
You know what, you guys are right, I've taken his unstable actions for stupidity at times, now that I'm going through it in my mind. But I also feel as though there were times where that wasn't an issue. Maybe what I mean is that he is often easily manipulated, and weak willed. I suppose it's really what you define as "idiotic", as I consider someone who can't think for themselves to be such. That and he just can't seem to know when to stop fucking himself up.
Why are you jealous of him? Nothing to be jealous of.
File: Funny Shit 428.jpg (32.33 KB, 389x450)
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you sir, are obviously a faggot. No one hates Lelouch Vi Britannia.
PIC related: its you being a nigger.
He was friends, people who care about him, and a cute girl.
File: shitwitface.png (99.87 KB, 452x383)
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99.87 KB PNG
That dude from GE Good Ending. Fucking hell, that guy should go suck a cock or something.
Can you give an example for this? I remember him having social anxiety and depression, but I don't remember him doing retarded things (more like weak-willed things).
I considered him doing weak willed things retarded. Like, at first, he didn't want to kill himself, right? Yet, he was going along with everything, why? For what reason would he go along with KILLING HIMSELF even he didn't even want to? Also, when he joined Mouseroad or whatever it was, yeah I get the woman played on his hikkimori-ness, but he had JUST SAID it was a scam, and the lady JUST SAID that it put her in debt. I admit he realized it, however late it was. Those were just the two to stand out to me.

But hey Anon, I might be wrong, so correct me if I am, although most of this is just opinion, I think that if he had thought those things through, it might have come out better.
>Yandere harem bit was already done
you're not talking about mirai nikki, right?
there was obly 1 yandere in it.
the only yandere cast i can think of was in a VN
>For what reason would he go along with KILLING HIMSELF even he didn't even want to?
He was afraid to speak up because he couldn't predict how everyone else would react, and he also didn't really have an alternative by the time he realized what they were going to do.
Also, he did want to kill himself to some extent, at least in the sense that he didn't want his shitty life to continue but he didn't know how to make it better. He was the last one to get talked down from the ledge, after all.
>he had JUST SAID it was a scam, and the lady JUST SAID that it put her in debt
Some people really are that good at selling shit. I may not be a prime example of mental health being that I'm on /a/, but I know that I've been suckered into shit that I was strongly (and reasonably) opposed to only seconds before without even realizing it until it was too late.

Satou is still a dumbass, though. He's smart, considering that he's the author's self-insert and all, but he really is very naive and gullible.
Yeah, you have some very good points, my friend, but I still believe the guy isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

I mean, honestly, I would be afraid to speak up and say something too, after all these people were going to kill themselves, never know what they'd do (although they presented themselves as pretty reasonable, even before hand, not like he noticed) but this my life on the line, here. When he found out they were killing themselves, he could have said no, but he instead goes and throws the gasoline in the campfire, he even asks himself what am I doing. But anyway, I was talking about when he initially found out they were killing themselves, he didn't want to do it at all, but eventually he gave in.

And, that woman was just good, played him like a violin, it's true.

I don't know man, it seems like his intelligence fluctuates.
File: 1373243027720.gif (1.20 MB, 270x210)
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Because why?

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